Hey Football It’s So Good To Have You Back


After eons (well a couple of weeks) without football it’s all kicking off again and it’s that wonderful time of year when all things are possible. You probably guessed that I’m the sort of sad act that couldn’t wait to get his hands on the Shoot league ladders to start planning my season. There’s only so much Big Match Revisited you can watch so the return of live football is very welcome.

Anyway after a 1-0 win in a training camp friendly in La Palma CD Tenerife were back in action at CD Marino for the Sebastian Martin Melo Cup, a short yomp down the hill from me at the Estadio Olimpico on the cusp of Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas. Pre match meet up of the Armada Sur was at The Whisky Jar a few yards stagger from the stadium. It was good to see so many old friends again and a few cold beers slipped down nicely on a muggy evening.

It felt strange not being properly dressed, I left my CD Tenerife colours at home in favour of a neutral choice from my vast summer collection. The start of a new era at CD Marino meant meeting the new regime at the club and picking up a press pass to take photos at pitch side for The Tenerife Weekly. Inside the crowd looked reasonable, about 1,500 filling up as the bar emptied, the banners were out in force and I even saw James Brown AKA Pepe Barrios the recently resigned president of Marino taking a guest place in the VIP seats along with Sir John Madejski on one of his regular visits from England. I had already arranged an interview with the former Reading FC owner, look out for that in The Tenerife Weekly.

Pre season games are all about seeding in new players so the games are often disjointed but this was a decent display. Marino showed  plenty of effort and made some chances but were a bit blunt up front, in contrast Tenerife made the most of theirs with Cristo Martin converting an Aridane cross in the first half and Sandro conjuring up a magnificent second goal just after the hour mark. Late strikes from Sandro earning his man of the match trophy, and Guillem Marti near the end made the final scoreline 4-0.

It’s going to be fun watching the two teams fortunes, Marino have lots of new blood and new leaders after their relegation to the Tercera and Tenerife will be hoping a sprinkling of new faces will bolster the squad after promotion to the Segunda. Marino seem to have “lost” the loud screechy female fan whose dainty voice rang out at games last season but they have gained a new pena or fan club, you can join them at their Facebook page.

Onto Saturday night and CD Tenerife followed up with a 2-0 home win over Las Palmas in the first leg of the Copa Mahou, a friendly by another name, the second leg is at the Pio’s ground on Wednesday night. I missed this one, well the league clashes with our mortal enemies will be the real thing. What a great result though, a 2-0 home win with goals in the first minute of each half, from Chechu and an Aridane header. There are still a few more signings to come for CD Tenerife and with the CD Marino fixtures finally due out I have a long and interesting season to  look forward to – bring it on.