CD Tenerife aim for the sky

There is no rich Arab, American or Russian pumping millions into CD Tenerife, although looking at them ripping the soul out of the game in England, that may be a blessing. It’s hard graft for CDT as they strive to reduce the club debt, well it is nearly down to 30 million euros, so any money saving idea is worth considering. The latest brainwave is to get a plane to be used jointly by CD Tenerife and Las Palmas, our deadly rivals from Gran Canaria.

Islas Airways

Both teams are in the Segunda Division, just below the Primera big guns of Real, Barcelona etc, and both have to travel to the mainland every other game, often via a couple of changes, all at great expense. The new plane would have both team names and logos emblazened on the side, and would whisk the players quickly and in comfort to away games.

The key man in this cunning plan is Miguel Concepcion, President of CDT and Islas Airways, he has the power to make it happen. I used Islas Airways in January for a return trip to Lanzarote, and they were very good, the plane I snapped on the runway (above) is an Alenia ATR 42 which carries 72 passengers, perfect for a football squad and back up staff.

Maybe they can supply a supporters plane for the Armada Sur , must have a bar, so we can get to all the away games. The whole idea looks good, even if it means sharing a plane with the Las Palmas Pios, we can make sure there is an outside toilet on the week they are flying. So clear the runway for the football special, anyone for duty free?