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Rocking At Five Star Hotel Sir Anthony

Pink and glowing in the heat, well that was the bodies on Playa El Camison, but a few yards away the Hotel Sir Anthony was glowing with pride as the bright young things of Tenerife, the President Ricardo Melchior, leading dignitaries, and a party of well scrubbed journalists sampled the new improved five star hotel.

The Mare Nostrum Resort is a beacon of luxury in Playa de Las Americas and the sun was glinting off the high glass front as I arrived with John Beckley from Sorted Sites, just in time to catch the speeches among the dazzling array of frocks and high heels. The team of guides swept us into the super cooled lobby and up the spiral staircase to inspect some of the 70 rooms on offer. The refurbishment was completed last year but this was the official inauguration, current guests were invited to join the party downstairs but a few were relaxing on their sea facing balconies, thankfully they all refrained from cutting their toenails as the lead party passed through.

The rooms are compact and stylish, the drinks bar and television hidden within the storage cabinets, and of course those balcony views waft the sea breeze in as close as you could hope. Looking down I could see the party guests mingling in the leafy shade around the pool as a jazz group serenaded them so after a quick trip to the roof to see a jacuzzi terrace, I made my way past the large airy Windsor Restaurant to the gardens.

Trying my best not to trip and fall in the pool, I circulated and snapped a few photos, not only of leggy young ladies, and nibbled some of the scrummy food being offered round with some cool drinks. For the second part of the evening we were led to the Mare Nostrum auditorium, taking the beach promenade, looking like a very elegant crocodile. It was my first time in the auditorium, home to the big showpiece musicals like Alma, and I was impressed by the scale and decor of the place. After some publicity films and speeches, the main show began, a musical romp, Rock History, featuring the in house band and 60 of the resort staff.

They really pulled out all the stops as they whisked us through a full range of rock based music from The Rolling Stones, to AC DC, The Beatles, Queen and all stops between. It wasn’t just the stage being used, dancers appeared at each side of the balcony and then took a firemans poll down to the stage, and clever use of minimal stage props meant the set was constantly changing. After 90 minutes they were done and as some of the company danced in the aisles, children clung to their star shaped red ballons recently gifted to them.

We poured out onto the communal plaza for the resorts hotels and were greeted by every variety of food and drink imaginable interspersed with stilt walking clown ladies, bucking bulls and a live band, the core of the stage show. There was even a cream pie stall where you could gunge your friends or enemies, phew I got away with that one. The holiday makers in the plaza, many of them with children, were spoilt for choice and hopefully will return to Tenerife again and again.

Partying is An Art Form In Santa Cruz

Never before has a TITSA bus journey been so quick but seemed to last so long. I like people, it’s great to hear their stories and experiences but yesterday on my early 110 bus to Santa Cruz I met my match.

Some old English gent from the West Country on holiday told me his life story, interspersed with great detail about the history of power stations, all the Johnny Foreigners he had met around the world, and his views on the political structure of the leading nations. Not having a pillow at hand to suffocate him, I smiled politely and nodded then ran off screaming once I bade farewell at Santa Cruz. Never mind I slackened my pace as I reached Calle Castillo and popped through to Plaza Chicharo.

Sunday 30th May is Dia de Canarias, the national holiday, and judging by the amount of scaffolding turning into staging, it’s going to be a big celebration. Plaza del Principe is hosting Santa Cruz, Identity and Tradition from 28 May to 31st. The sound system should be enough to blast seagulls off the rocks over in La Gomera, and the stage is already decorated with paintings of dancers in traditional dress. In part of the smaller plaza a stall was selling tickets for the big Alicia Keys concert on the dockside on Sunday 6 June, it should be a good antedote to Whitney Houstons no show.

Anyway down to business, I had decided to take a look around the Museo Municipal De Belles Artes (Museum of Fine Arts) just behind Plaza del Principe in Calle Jose Murphy, for another feature. I feel sorry for the Tenerife government and the local councils, they serve up some great art and culture but the galleries and museums I go to are never busy – maybe they know I am coming and dive out of the back door. This museum is FREE all the time, you can’t say fairer than that, the lower floor held two modern art displays with local lass Cristina Temes showing off some bright colourful still life studies and a few surprise extras. One small room contained a classroom scene, a circle of small chairs complete with tiny childrens shoes – unusual but quite hypnotic. In a dark room at the other end projected images on thin canvas were quite effective. I couldn’t make out if the loud rap music was part of the display or just the security guard trying to relieve her boredom.

I passed on upstairs pursued by my new shadow, and found a series of large wine red rooms showing huge traditional historic scenes of family banquets and stately homes. I was hopeless at art in school, even those books with numbers to follow looked like an explosion in a paint factory after I had been at them. Maybe that’s why I admire these grand works, they must take months of dedication to get all the subtle shades and character. the museum has a a large painting adorned room at the end with a piano on a stage, my shadow told me they have musical recitals a few times a year, quite a setting. Taking photos is frowned upon in the museum but I managed a few after telling my shadow that I had just seen Tom Cruise lowering himself down from the ceiling in the other room.

Re-emerging into the slightly cool Santa Cruz air, I was pleased with my visit and made a mental note to get inside the nearby Circulo de Amistad building (above) on a future trip, the doorman looked quite forboding, maybe I could distract him with a copy of Playboy –  or Playgirl – lets not be judgemental.  Frantic cleaning duties were taking place in the empty Plaza de España lake, looke like something special is planned for Sunday, I feel a return trip coming on. Heading back to the bus station I kept an eye out for my earlier bus friend, if he was on the bus, I would climb into the luggage rack. Thankfully it was all clear for my journey back to the south.

Life After Death In The Chinyero Lava Fields

Destruction and death followed by rebirth and recovery – not a particularly bad weather forecast, just the natural cycle of life. Tenerife is a great place to witness this miracle, so determined to make the most of my football free weeks, I packed my knapsack and headed for the hills today.

There are many regular walking groups in the south, I made the short early jaunt down to Los Cristianos to join 8 other keen explorers. They surprised me, whisking us off to Chinyero, up above my old home ground of Puerto Santiago. Keen historians will know the name Chinyero as the scene of the last eruption of Mount Teide in October 1909. Don’t expect a fanfare and neon signs to welcome you to the starting point, just take the TF 38 from Chinyero to Boca de Tauce and by a sharp bend at KM 15 you will find a run off at the side of the road to park and head down to the entrance to the protected zone crested by high rising pine trees.

Following the rough but well maintained path as it meandered up through the majestic pines I savoured the still calm as I picked out my footsteps through large open pine cones. There is a wonderful symmetry about nature, the rows of pine trees were almost regimental in their neat rows, an army of green marching with one purpose. There is a wealth of options all well sign posted but our goal was the concentric Montaña Estrecho, affectionately known as Corkscrew Mountain.

As the trail wound its way upwards the views below became more spectacular, rising above the pines we could see Mount Teide flecked with just a small brush stroke of snow but as imposing as ever. There were plenty of scorched and blackened tree trunks from the fire that swept through this area in July 2007. Even in the midst of this charcoal testament, young shoots of new life were bursting through, nature was moving on. Artists try hard to recreate the beauty of such landscapes but again nature leads the way. AÂ burnt and tumbled tree had rolled part way down the steep bank but even its sprawling branches created their own impressive still life sculpture.

Reaching the top of the 307 metre corkscrew climb we took a breather in the shadow of an old water pumping station and caught up with water and snacks. Looking down into the valley was like a glimpse into history, the march of the lava flow had carved its way through the greenery, splitting to go around boulders that blocked its way. Then many years later man had built roads that brushed the solid rock aside and pathways that followed the points of least resistance to explore this historic map.


Heading back down, there were points where the roots of the trees had burst their way through the red honeycombed rock that lined the walkway. Faced with another choice we spurned a quick return route to push on into the main lava field, after a brief exploration of a tempting track that reached up towards Teide. Flowers were more abundant here, pictured above are Hierba de Roberto ( related to the Geranium) and Rumex Maderensis (a type of Sorrel) and a few yellow butterflies danced overhead. Thanks to Steve Andrews AKA The Bard Of Ely for his botanical knowledge. Once in the lava field the ground was much harder and tested our nimble footwork. A path of sorts had been marked out, edged with large stones through the dark barren wasteland from the earths belly.

A flash of coloured lycra from passing cyclists signalled out return to the greener, flatter and more comfortable route back to our start point. Our smooth walking rhythm restored and the main road in sight, we were soon back on the almost deserted highway and ready to leave. A backward glance and a twinge of pride over rode the pull of the leg muscles after the three and a half hour voyage of discovery. One more contrast awaited me as I headed down to Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos for a swim and a wallow near the more familiar face of Tenerife.

Relegation Becomes A Reality For CD Tenerife

Even the lure of the beer couldn’t keep us from heading for the Valencia stadium 90 minutes before kick off to greet our players. Threading our way through the side streets from Plaza del Virgen we arrived ahead of time and grabbed some seats outside a small cafe bar in sight of the ground. The Mestalla stadium is partly shrouded by office and apartment blocks and rises high on all sides. Refreshed we headed to the players entrance and found hundreds lining the road with banners and colours, barriers marked out a short corridor from the parking spot to the open door and mounted police kept the crowds back on the pavements. After a short wait the coach pulled in and our tense looking players filed off, most of them too wound up to acknowledge the roar of the crowd, coach Oltra gave a flambouyant wave and they were gone, alone with their thoughts in the dressing room.

A bar across the road had already caught my eye and with an hour to kick off a few of us squeezed in and forced some more sedative down. Our alloted entrance was easy to find, mingling through the crowd with colours proudly worn, the locals greeted us in friendly fashion, well their third place finish was assured. The steps up to the top of the ground seemed endless but our perch had a great view as a sea of CD Tenerife fans spread out around us. The older part of the ground on the far side was dwarfed by the steep tiers we occupied and we cranked up the noise levels as CD Tenerife took to the pitch.

Manolo nearly gave us a dream start but Moya made a comfortable save. That was about the best that Tenerife could muster in the first half as Valencia, without rested Villa and Silva, took control of the game. Ten minutes in and we were crushed by news of a Malaga goal at home to Real Madrid, the collective sinking of hearts seemed to signal the inevitable. The team must have been aware as well, an away win against a classy Valencia side seemed impossible.

Sergio Aragoneses was as always brilliant, a strong block from Rodriguez and a weak Zigic header denied a home advantage. Baraja and Dominguez saw their casual shots miss the target and at half time it was all square. There was still hope but it was fading fast, Madrid levelled but we still needed a win. Alfaro troubled Moya but at the other end Sergio turned in two more fine saves to deny Dominguez and Hernendez. Ricardo managed a weak shot as the Valencia pressure built. The game was nearly finished and the Tenerife fans were wilting as Alexis drove in the final nail with a header from a Dominguez corner.

The Tenerife players were drained and could barely return the applause of the fans as the reality hit home. As if we weren’t depressed enough, the local police decided to hold us back as the stadium drained of fans, a misserable 30 to 40 minutes passed before we were allowed to descend the tight stairways, for good measure they then turned the lights out. It was totally un called for as our coaches were just below us and there had not been any hint of problems between the fans.Carefully sidestepping the calling cards of the police horses we found our numbered coaches and headed for a quiet low key flight home.

Away form did for us, and lessons need to be learned about life at the top level, but the whole experience has been an uplifting one, our appetities are whetted for more and that new season can’t come quickly enough.

Bubbling Up Ready For Valencia v CD Tenerife

Football, beer and travel, what a great combination, there has to be a downside of course, there was the small matter of the nail biting, gut grabbing climax to the La Liga season with CD Tenerife slugging it out to avoid relegation. Volcanic clouds diverted and a nervous evenings intake of Dorada to settle the nerves, and a small section of the Armada Sur joined the other football pilgrims at Tenerife South airport for our Sunday charter flight from Viajes Halcon.

Canarian TV cameras hovered around us as we queued at check in and Kirsty uttered a very naughty Anglo Saxon word that may be picked up by English speakers over their morning Gofio. No delays and we were soon touching down in Valencia, a much smaller airport than Madrid and easy to filter through to our awaiting coaches. First stop was the stadium to collect our tickets, the local marathon was in full flow and the sun spotlighted this very clean city where ancient and modern rub shoulders. The tickets weren’t ready for us so a few of us jumped off the bus, careful to avoid the many cycle lanes that criss cross the city.

Was it a mischievious IPhone or did Kirsty need to brush up in her map reading skills, either way we were headed in the wrong direction for Plaza del Virgen, the pre arranged fans meeting place. A quick about turn and we found our way to Plaza del Reina and regrouped over a few beers at a fast food cafe. Lookie lookie men have big ideas and even bigger displays of sunglasses here and we amused ourselves watching them set up and hurridly dismantle their pavement wares as the police played cat and mouse with them. Some of the previous days arrivals found us and we realised we were just a short walk from Plaza del Virgen.

Passing through the narrow connecting street we were in a large open square with cafe bars one side and a performance but it was the ornate statue draped fountain that really attracted us. Mingling with other CDT fans we swapped good wishes, beer and brandy as The General went in search of bubble bath and washing up liquid to liven up the flowing water. it certainly worked, the local kids loved it, tourists posed in the foam and the police looked on bemused. It was a lovely setting and I couldn’t resist a trip up the Torre del Micalet for 70 km high views over the city. A cluster of 14 bells held off while I snapped away at the gorgeous city unfolding below.

Time was moving on, the beer was flowing and the game was beckoning, Viajes Halcons rep had delivered our tickets so it was time to head for the ground to welcome the Tenerife players. Our date with destiny was almost here.

Win FREE Golf In Tenerife – No Rupert Required

Take a good look at this pic, he’s not a lovable furry bear (you should see what he does in the woods)Â just a constant reminder of bad fashion (I should talk) favoured by some golfers. My only real golfing experience was “finding ” lost golf balls at the course near my parents and selling them back to golfers. Here in Tenerife it is difficult to ignore golf as the island has a wealth of courses and I have visited many for work purposes. With my untrained non golfing mind I always find myself admiring the sheer beauty and fantastic views.

So I’m very happy to nudge your arm violently and shout in your ear about the latest competition from You can win three rounds of golf at any seperate three of these courses

  • Buenavista Golf
  • Golf Del Sur
  • Golf Las Americas
  • Golf Costa Adeje
  • Tecina Golf in La Gomera

All you have to do is be a Facebook fan of Tenerife Magazine when the draw is made on 2nd June. The prize is subject to availability, and if not claimed within 2 weeks, it will be re-drawn.

The Asociacion de Campos de Golf Tenerife have put up the prize and they are also offering everyone a Summer Golf Package that will save enough money to splash out at the 19th hole. Until 30th September you can choose three seperate rounds from the same courses above for just 135 euros – and that’s not all.


When you buy the package, you can have a reduced price round at Abama Golf, just 150 euros rather than the usual 200 euros, and/or Golf Los Palos, the nine hole course near Las Galletas will give you the special price of 15 euros for a round. To book contact

Well that sounds pretty impressive to me. I’m already looking forward to the Tenerife Ladies Open at Buenavista Golf from 1st to 4th July, I followed the event at Golf Costa Adeje last year and spotted lots of talent.

One Last Chapter, One Last Twist For CD Tenerife

Written by Stephen King and directed by James Cameron, CD Tenerife’s La Liga relegation drama has been an epic and will now go to the dramatic finale at Valencia next weekend. Almeria showed scant regard for the script and came from behind to lead 2-1 in Santa Cruz before Nino equalised in injury time as the credits were about to roll.

Pre match nerves have never been so frayed as 20,810 packed the Heliodoro to sing, chant and will Tenerife to a vital win. It started so well, Roman had a strong header tipped over by Alves just 2 minutes into the game and Nino gave the keeper plenty to think about a few minutes later. Captain Bertran was on top form prompting the attack with a series of tempting crosses but he was more direct for the Tenerife opener after 15 minutes, picking up a loose clearance and curling his shot into the visitors net – cue an explosion of celebration in the stands.

But it couldn’t really be that easy, just three minutes later Cisma took advantage of some indecision from Hector and Sicilia and set up Piatti who stroked the ball into the bottom corner of the net to level. Almeria had nothing to play for but showed lots of spirit and took the game to a nervous Tenerife. Sergio Aragonoses was again the saviour with some fine saves especially one from Soriano. All square at half time and nails were dissapearing at an alarming rate.

Almeria grabbed the game by the throat as the second half started, Corona tested Sergio with two good strikes and found him up to the task. Nino and Roman both went close at the other end with headers as Ayoze and Alfaro tried to fashion another home goal. Then disaster struck as Almeria broke away and Crusat grabbed the lead beating Sergio at close quarters. There was barely 20 minutes left, Dinei was on and soon joined by Angel and Omar as the search for salvation got more and more desperate. Into injury time and hope was fading away, thankfully we have Nino a natural goal poacher, as the referees hand headed for his whistle Nino pounced after Manolo headed the ball down, time seemed to stand still as the ball eeked its way across the goal line and the stadium heeved a collective sigh of relief.

As the dust settled and the other results came in the task ahead became clear. Xerez are virtually down, that leaves four teams, CDT, Malaga, Racing Santander, and Valladolid tied on 36 points and hoping to avoid the two remaining relegation slots. A point may well be enough at Valencia with Valladolid at Barcelona and Malaga at home to Real Madrid. The Great Escape will have to be achieved without Ayoze and Bertran, both suspended after picking up yellows. All roads lead to Valencia and hopefully a happy ending, it’s gonna be a real blockbuster.

Busy, Even In The Quietist Tenerife Moments

My head is spinning like the girl in The Exorcist, the La Liga fate of CD Tenerife will be decided in the next week and my emotions are in overdrive. Never mind I can always distract myself with a visit up to Santa Cruz, and yesterday I had a double whammy of articles lined up for , sadly things don’t always work out quite as planned.

First call was the Auditorium, surely one of the most remembered images from peoples holidays in Tenerife ,I have been trying for ages to get on the tour that runs at 12.30, when they have bookings, and there are no rehearsals on. I phoned before I got the bus and luckily a Dutch couple were booked on too. Arriving, I paid my 5 euros and off we went, the first thing the guide said once we were in the main body of the building was no photos could be taken as architect Santiago Calatrava has copyright on the building. That scuppered my story, shame because the tour was very interesting and the performance halls are amazing combinations of architectural style and accoustic amplification. I went to the pre opening some 7 years ago and have been to a few concerts but it still impresses. The tour lasted 40 minutes, a bit overpriced but informative. Of course the best way to experience this iconic building is to go and see a show or concert, try the Auditorium site or the Cabildo (government) Whats On site.

On to the nearby Recinto Ferial for the SALT (Salon Atlantico de la Logistica Transporte) Â Trade Fair. My target was the new Hybrid Tempus bus that the TITSA bus company are to trial for 2 weeks around Santa Cruz. It promises to reduce polution in urban areas and may be the forerunner of several more. Hopefully that article will be on in the next few days. There is always something new to see in the Tenerife capital and I noticed the Wi Fi hot spots being promoted by the local council. There are loads of these in key places around the city with special text and phone numbers to register for your limited access, you can find out more at .

Sadly I was a day late for the latest huge cruise ship to loom into port, the Azuru on it’s maiden voyage from Southampton is a goliath at 19 floors with 3,500 passengers and 1,200 crew. It’s a snip at between 700 and 6,000 euros for the first cruise, there will be many more passing through during the year, whicj¡h makes the Fred Olsen terminal building a regular stop off point on my visits.

Today I have been trying to catch up a little on my write ups without neglecting my daily routine of sea swimming and checking the local papers. This afternoon I was invited along to Mega Bowl in Fañabe by the Sorted Sites crew, something different for me.  I habe only been bowling a few times in the UK, the last about 10 years ago, and as it happened on varias football and Ice Hockey away trips, I wasn’t exactly sober. It’s all east these days with the scoring done for you, I surprised myself by not demolishing the building and even hitting a few clean strikes, maybe that Aunt Sally throwing in Oxford had stood me in good stead.

Oh well here comes the weekend, a Jazz Fiesta in Los Cristinaos church square tonight with an interview to do, and some AFC Bournemouth supporting friends over to share the joy or pain of tomorrows CD Tenerife game. Somehow I think a Dorada or two may be sneaking into the equation.

Messi Ending To CD Tenerife Wet Dream

After 62 minutes it looked like an unlikely point for CD Tenerife as they held Barcelona 1-1 in their own backyard while resting several key players. The referee, a home banker, let Barcelona back into the game with a Bojan goal that looked clearly offside and the game was washed away from Tenerife in the torrential Catalan rain.

Coach Oltra rested Nino, Ayoze, and Bertran from the starting line up with an eye to the vital home game against Almeria this Saturday but Tenerife still gave a good account of themselves and had Barcelona worried. Alfaro set the tone, finishing off a great flowing move with a shot that went over the home bar. The forward nearly got caught out when defending at the other end, he lost a tackle to Alves and was relieved to se him shoot wide. Barcelona made the breakthrough aftr 16 minutes when an Alves cross was headed down by Ibrahimovic for Messi to nip in at the post and chip his shot over the diving body of Sergio Aragoneses.

 Messi was getting more into the game and hit a curling shot just past the Tenerife goal, and a dazzling run allowed Maxwell to unleash a shot that Sergio tipped aside in impressive fashion. It was a frustrating evening for Tenerife as the referee gave every decision to the home side but Tenerife rose above it and shocked the crowd with a well taken equaliser six minutes from the break. Kome broke and passed to Roman who gratefully slotted the ball past the Barca keeper.

Pedro, the man from Abades in Tenerife, came on for Barcelona to start the second half but the visitors had the first chance but kome was too slow to get to the ball with a clear sight on goal. Borjan looked in for decent chance but Sergio slid along the soggy surface to take the ball off him. The ref gave the home side a gift free kick whick Messi put over the goal but then that phantom goal gave them the lead. Alves slipped the ball through to Bojan and despite Tenerife appeals, the ref ignored the offside and allowed his goal.

That was a killer blow to Tenerife and gave Barca the boost they needed. Pedro skipped a tackle and nearly added another goal but shot wide. Xavi launched a free kick over the defensive wall but Sergio was at his best to  make a great save. Nino came off the bench and was just short in a one on one chance before Pedro shrugged off Sicilia to make it 3-1. Nino had the ball in the Barca net but his effort was offside, Angel arrived for Alfaro but the game was slipping away by then. Messi showed his skillful control to latch onto a cross and fire a 4th goal, Culebras was just about playing him onside. It was a flattering end for Barcelona and Tenerife trudged off soaked but with plenty of pride.

Home Win Gives CD Tenerife Survival Chance

Dragging Racing Santander into the relegation dog fight, CD Tenerife were good value for their 2-1 win, only defiant goalkeeper Coltorti prevented a bigger winning margin. This weeks press spoke of a 20,000 euro squad bonus per every league point, if Tenerife stay in La Liga, but when it comes down to it, the character of the players will make the difference. Against a useful Racing side, Tenerife looked hungry and pushed all the way to the final whistle.

Roman had an early chance for Tenerife but Coltorti made the first of many strong saves to deny him. Sergio Canales (below in centre) is the rising star of Spanish football, at 19 he is poised for a big money summer move to Real Madrid and showed his potential forcing a save out of Sergio in the home gaol and putting 2 other efforts narrowly wide. Tenerife worked their way into the game, Nino missed a close range shot and Juanlu was unlucky to see his thundering 25 yard free kick hit the post.

Racing put some good attacks together with Canales and Tchite combining weel, but the CDT defence looked calm, captain Bertran mopped up several of their efforts. Canales sent his free kick over the bar and Ayoze headed over the visitors goal from a Bertran cross. All square at half time would have been ok but Tenerife had other ideas, Ricardo launched a telling cross and in form Roman was on hand to head home a lead just before the sun kissed 18,945 crowd took a shade break.

Juanlu opened the second half with a charge on Racing’s keeper but he was strong and blocked him. The Swiss stopper made his only bad mistake of the afternoon after 56 minutes, bringing down Alfaro for a penalty. Ayoze (below) took his time and delivered the perfect spot kick into the net to send the crowd wild. It was no more than Tenerife deserved, they looked by far the better team. This relegation tussle looks determined to keep us on our toes all the way, Arana put in a low cross and Xisco tapped it in from close range to add some doubt to the result in the last 20 mins.

For the remainder of the game there was a real duel between Coltorti and Nino, the diminutive Tenerife striker was denied 3 times by the sheer prescence of the Racing keeper. Nino’s determined clashes with the keeper were typical of the home spirit. The referee didn’t have the best of games, missing many of the more obvious calls, and when he added on 5 minutes of injury time it sent a shudder through us all. Tenerife did the sensible things well and played out the game, Nino even had a chance to increase the scoreline at the death but found his nemesis there to deny him.

The final whistle saw the ground erupt, Zaragoza’s 1-0 win at Deportivo was a let down but home draws for Malaga and Valladolid mean Tenerife are now third from bottom with just goal difference putting Malaga above them in a safety spot. Tuesdays game in Barcelona is unlikely to bring any points, but all eyes will be on our relegation rivals. La Liga just get worse, they still can’t tell us when the last home game is next weekend, whenever it is another win should set it up for the final game away to Valencia. Vamos Tenerife.