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Santa Cruz – Where Fun Is The Size Of A Cow

Moscow has rolling tanks carving up Red Square, Oxford has drunk students jumping in the river as dawn breaks, but here in Tenerife May Day is a much more colourful and sunny affair. I headed up to Santa Cruz early for football and work was well underway for this busy holiday weekend. May day is followed by Spains Mothers Day on Sunday and the Day of the Cross on Monday, white metal archways were being put up and decoreated with flowers at key points around the city centre.

Arriving at Plaza de España I was just in time to see the Intersindical Union parading down to the area between the lake and the Cabildo building. It was more a general flexing of the muscles than support for any current isue but independance and opposition to Spains leader Zapatero were mixed in among the banners. Cutting through to Plaza del Principe, I found the UGT Union leading their followers into the park for rallying speeches, TV Canarias workers took the opportunity to raise their own ongoing strike. Both marches were in a relaxed spirit with many bringing their families with them and once the speeches were over, most of the particiapants adjourned to local bars for a few beers, probably the most important item on the days agenda.

One of the main things I had come to see was a flowers, plants and crafts fair in Parque Garcia Sanabria, just a 5 minute stroll from the centre. This is a truly beautiful park at any time and is well used for events or just chilling with nature. At the main entrance childrens entertainment was holding a large crowd spellbound as they sat around the large flower clock, the cafe was buzzing and the sun was scorching. The park centres around a small pond with imposing statues, leafy walkways radiate off from there, and they were lined with stalls featuring some stunning garden displays, they even had Snow White and her dwarfs cottage. I could hear a voice shouting “Las Palmas are a great football team” nice to know that Dopey was at home.

It was good to see so many people proudly wearing their CD Tenerife shirts especially the kids, bring them up the right way. Turning onto one path I discovered small pens of chickens, goats and rabbits, another delight for the little uns. Star turn though was an inflatable cow complete with working udders, children were taking turns to sit under the cow and squeeze out the milky liquid, I decided that I was probably too old to join in.

Returning to Calle Castillo I pulled up a cold drink at a cafe by the stage in Plaza Candelaria and watched a group of dancers going through their paces as they tested out the sound system. As luck would have it, the visiting Racing Santander team were staying nearby and went out to stretch their legs, they obligingly posed for me despite my CD Tenerife shirt and scarf making my allegiance clear. What a great way to start the day, and the football was still to come.