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CD Tenerife Play The Waiting Game

Frustrated but ultimately triumphant CD Tenerife inched towards the champions crown after a 2-0 home win over a very unambitious Fuenlabrada team. Leganes kept their outside chance of claiming the Group One title alive by seeing off Rayo Vallecano B 2-0 so there is still a bit of work to do to. Fuenlabrada harboured an outside chance to crash the play off party but it didn’t show in their attitude, they played with one isolated attacker and tried to close down Tenerife and limit their chances and it worked for most of the game.

Rigo Baltasar was this weeks new hero, a cracking sixth minute shot forced the first of several fine saves from Basilio in the visitors goal. Dogged by niggling injuries since his January signing the central defender followed up last weeks solid away debut with an assured display of firm defending, accurate passing, and an ability to pop up as an extra forward at set pieces. Ayoze was dropped this week but Loro was back to his magnificent creative best up front and Inigo Ros was the midfield master. It was only a combination of bad luck and stubborn defending that stopped the scoreboard from rolling in the first half.

Fuenlabrada were strangers to Sergio Aragoneses in the home goal, even when they trespassed into the Tenerife half they were quickly deprived of the ball, Bruno made a well timed intervention after 14 minutes. Raul Llorente was busy on the left and set up Aridane who saw his header saved, Suso was his bundle of energy and ideas but that all important break through goal wouldn’t come. The second half opened with a half chance for Chechu that went wide and soon after another bite that the goalie blocked. Rigo tried to imitate Alberto’s wonder blast last week, he unleashed a powerful long shot that stung the keepers hands as he saved it.

Coach Alvaro Cervera showed his hunger for the win by replacing defender Bruno with Cristo Martin and his introduction added a vital spark to Tenerife. Cristo fed Loro and he found Aridane on the edge of the box and he jinked his way past the defence to rifle in his 21 st marker of the season. Four minutes later Loro slung a corner in and Rigo met it perfectly with his head to dispel any doubts. We could have had another magical goal as Loro took an acrobatic swing at an incoming ball but it didn’t quite fall for him.

Not one of the easiest wins but vital to keep the charge going, bookings for Bruno and Suso will sideline them for next Sundays game at SS Reyes but the squad has plenty of options to cover for them – a win will guarantee that top spot – start chilling that Dorada.



Defender Heads Into Los Cristianos And Into A Storm

Battle ship grey, a big gun at each end, and proudly flying the Union Jack, was this a belated fight back from the Brits on behalf of Nelson? Not really but you can understand why the port authorities were a bit jittery at this unexpected guest.

Defender wasn’t here by choice, chatting to one of the crew I found out that a broken gasket had forced the 40 metre long ship to limp in for vital repairs. On route from Falmouth to Senegal the privately owned security vessel had a fair few technical problems. The Guardia Civil patrol boat was parked up behind it next door to the ferry terminal but port security were quite concerned at the canon like guns. The boat was built for the Sultan of Oman as a patrol ship in 1967 and then “gifted” back to it’s birth port of Lowestoft to a former Royal Navy Lieutenant Chris Enmarsh. Loaded up with a crew of former Royal Navy marines, Defender has been patrolling the east coast of Africa protecting oil platforms.


It all created a bit of a flap and Spanish Navy officials were soon in town to find out what the story was. They say that the 40 mm gun on the front and its 20 mm friend at the rear are decommissioned . Even though that brought a big sigh of relief a Tornado (above) from the Spanish Navy popped over from its Las Palmas base to escort Defender through last night to the more secure setting of Santa Cruz port due to “administrative irregularities” and presumably awaiting full repairs. If replacement parts don’t arrive soon I think I might have some old Airfix spares and some Humbrol mini paint cans.

CD Marino Miss Out On The Party Spirit

Celebrations were in the air at CD Marino, from the dressing room of visitors Leganes and another relayed from Oviedo to the grounds terrace bar but the home players had to settle for a consoling hug and handshake from their President as they lost their relegation battle.

Disastrous early season form marked Marino’s fate but since January they have been a match for most teams in Las Americas. They made a sprightly start again, Balduino carved out a neat cross in the first minute and Sandro thought he had scored but goalie Falcon just managed to stop the ball from crossing the line. Leganes needed a win to ensure their play off spot and played a tight controlled game soaking up pressure and looking to win the ball with crunching tackles to launch quick breaks.

Dani Gomez was particularly tough on Chema as he sped down the left looking to feed Balduino. The Marino forward didn’t help his cause by getting in offside positions and Iker was relying too often on scraps from Balduino rather than making his own chances. Leganes made few clear chances, the first fell to Vega and although the forward had the height to make a header he didn’t have the accuracy. Aicart wasted an opening blasting wide and Marino were hopeful of taking the break on even terms. A testing ball in from Dioni just before half time found the defence hesitant and Alberto off guard as the ball evaded the keeper.

Into the second half, Noah replaced Airam to bolster the attack and Balduino again got caught offside. Martinez went close from a free kick as Leganes pressed forward more and after 66 minutes a curling shot from Martinez got the better of Alberto and at 0-2 it was over as a contest. Noah made a chance from nothing as he skillfully dug out the ball from a goal mouth melee and set up Iker but he put his shot over the bar.

It was all or nothing so Ayoze pushed up from his central defence role and a shot from him caught the hand of Victor, it would have been a harsh penalty call but the ref didn’t even consider it. A loud cheer from the bar signaled CD Tenerife taking the lead at Oviedo, not really what Leganes wanted to hear but they were happy with the play off spot their win would guarantee. The final five minutes were cruel as Raul Barcos got sent off for a full bloodied foul. A late charge by Marino was frustrated by goalie Falcon bouncing the ball basketball style behind his goal before taking his goal kick, he repeated the trick and got a yellow card. As Marino traipsed off at the final whistle their heads were down but President Barrios made a point of showing his pride in their gallant but late fight back at the rear of the season.

Over at Real Oviedo there was a superb turnaround 1-2 win for CD Tenerife. Tarantino and Suso were dropped with Baltasar Rigo making his debut in thee centre of defence and Loro returning up front. Cervero gave the home side a 26 minute lead that they held until the 74th minute when Ayoze set up Loro who coolly stroked the ball into the net. The winner a few minutes later was sheer brilliance, a loose ball in the middle of the park looked no danger but the youngster spotted the goalie off his line and lobbed the ball perfectly over him from 50 yards. Four regular games to go and CD Tenerife have their section title well within their grasp and could seal it at home to Fuenlabrada next Sunday.



What’s Hot On The Arona Fashion Scene

The black plastic seats had been absorbing the 35 degrees plus of calima fuelled sunshine all day, a few people winced as they sat down, not the best night for a traditional Tenerife late start. A few people melted away and others moved to the shady side as they waited for the Arona Esta de Moda fashion parades to start. Would it be worth the wait? Thankfully yes, this years new position next to the Casa del Mar on the old Los Cristianos beach side of the tunnel allowed for a bigger grander stage with a small pit for a live band and the catwalk jutting out into the sea of seats for the audience.

The large video wall backdrop gave the sponsors more publicity and that was the name of the game, all the clothes on display were available at shops in the main Arona towns, a glossy brochure gave full shopping details. There were also a few stalls down each side promoting related items like hair and make up, in these times of empty council wallets underwriting these mass audience events with commercial backing makes good sense all round.

Anyway with a fanfare and a parade of young energetic dancers proving that Grease is the word, our compere was ready to introduce the first set of models. They were all local amateurs so full marks to them for coping with nerves and the stifling heat. The first models were very young but quite confident as they strutted out onto what must have seemed an endless catwalk. The clothes were chosen to be ordinary and accessible, none of these wild Paris or London creations that no real people would ever wear.

It was a good mix of ages, male and female showing off their threads, each section dealt with a different type of fashion, leisure, formal, swim wear, sport etc and the general set up was dancers out first to act as backing at the rear of the stage as the models went forth one by one and then joined a growing group pose on a podium before taking a collective bow.

Lots of proud parents were cooing with satisfaction in the audience and a few school friends were lurking at the side stocking up on embarrassment ammunition for the next week at school, the lads strutting their stuff are going to take some terrible stick from their mates but it’s gotta be a good way to impress the girls. As the evening went on more people flocked around the temporary arena, hopefully they will check out the local shops in the next few days and buy some clothes to boost local trade. It was a bit of a gamble moving to a bigger display area but it paid off and allowed much more freedom of movement, bring on the next show.

Soft Centre, Hard Draw For CD Tenerife

At times frustrating, always entertaining, but ultimately a fair draw as CD Tenerife shared the home spoils 1-1 with Sporting Gijon B. After losing 3-2 in the away fixture and with Mr Reliable Inigo Ros suspended this was no time to ease off in the promotion hunt but Tenerife seemed to be already looking ahead to the play offs.

The big decision was who would replace Ros, coach Cervera went for Fran Ochoa but he proved to be a bit lightweight to fill such impressive boots and with Chechu having another poor game the midfield lacked bite and ideas. Moyano and Tarantino both made good defensive clearances early on as confident Sporting tested them out. Jairo looked a quality player for the visitors and easily knocked Moyano off the ball to create danger. Raul Llorente was in adventurous mood from the left back slot and combined well with Cristo Martin after 18 minutes to set up Aridane, the striker saw his first shot blocked but followed up to grab a home lead.

Jairo was full of threat and it took a strong body block from Sergio Aragoneses to deny him a clear shot. On the half hour Sergio got his fingers to a high effort that rattled off the bar. Guerrero blasted a shot wide but was back a few minutes later to head in from a corner and level the game. Ayoze could have closed the half by restoring the lead but his shot hit the bar.

Suso started the second half in place of Fran Ochoa and was his usual busy self, running at the Sporting defence. Aridane had the goal in his sights only to be denied by a solid intervention from Julio but Tenerife were struggling to take control of the game. Chechu’s departure was hardly greeted with surprise, Yeray took his place but still the supply lines were patchy and frustration was getting to Aridane and Suso. Chances did come knocking, Tenerife will wonder how they failed to score as Ayoze shot into the side netting from close range after the goalie slipped. Guillem replaced Cristo in an attacking gamble, a free kick almost caught the keeper out as he back peddled and slammed into the post somehow keeping his composure.

It was anyone’s game, Sporting made a real contest of it and had it not been for more classy saves from Sergio they could have taken the lead. Tipping the ball away from the roof of the net after a corner was matched by a robust two footed block. The 9,412 crowd had to settle for a point, it was a fashionable result on the day as stalemate affected the chasing pack. Now with just five regular games left the lead stays at six points, a play off berth is now guaranteed but there is still work to do before a chance to win promotion in the home and away final of the group champions.

Respecting The Past And Building The Future In Santa Cruz

Sometimes I feel like that robot in the 80’s American comedy film Short Circuit “input give me more input”. A non football visit to Santa Cruz was long overdue and with a long tick list I knew the Tenerife capital would provide enough input to get my rusty circuits buzzing.

The 110 direct Titsa bus did me proud with a 50 minute run from Los Cristianos and a short tram ride was free on my bono ticket. Sitting near the drivers cab I noticed there was an emergency phone for the driver, it was like one of the old 70’s trimphones – maybe it linked straight through to Noel Edmunds at the Swap Shop? Ignoring a man wandering around the central shopping area of Santa Cruz dressed as a banana (what’s odd about that?) I headed for the Caja Canarias bank HQ in Plaza de Patriotismo and the new Cesar Manrique exhibition. The great man had a huge influence on the Canary islands in general and Lanzarote in particular and the paintings and sculptures on display put me in a chipper mood for the day. Look out for a full run down at Tenerife Magazine.

The military museum was my next call and I cut through Parque Garcia Sanabria knowing it’s delightful flowers and plants would further boost my mood. There’s a small art gallery on the far side of the park and the latest display Turismundi had recently opened so a little detour was called for. Six artists were displaying works, my favourite set was the whimsical Desayuno Incluido (breakfast included) by Enma Manescau. You have until 5 May to feast your eyes (it’s free) but only until 26 April to see Offshore, a stunning collection of surf photos in the window of the annex building.

Quickening my step I followed La Rambla around to the Museo Militar but despite being well ahead of closing time the guard said no more visitors were allowed in today and as he had a rifle I wasn’t going to argue. Never mind, it gives me a starting point for my next exploring trip. Walking down to Avenida Anaga facing the port I saw the first of three new commemorative plaques added the day before to mark artillery strongholds where invaders, including Nelson, were repelled many years ago. These have been installed by the Turtulia Amigos de 25 Julio who commemorate and re-enact the successful defence of Santa Cruz against Lord Nelson on 25 July 1797.

That led me on to a modern financial battle ground. The revamp of the main Via Litoral road that separates the port from Plaza de España and the city inland is almost complete with a tunnel ready to dip traffic underground for 506 metres so a vast pedestrian area can unite the port with the city. The day before my trip the Tenerife Cabildo (government) finally agreed to pay the annual 400,000 euro bill to maintain and service the tunnel, that leaves it clear for the big opening later in April. Up top there is more work to do to cover the roof of the tunnel and put in parks and walkways, it’s going to look pretty impressive.

Heading up into Calle Castillo, the main shopping drag, I was seduced off course by an unexpected flea market in the side streets. Rastrillo Le Petite Cirque had stalls packed with bric a brac, collectables, and street fashion. I spotted a few gems like old tobacco and chocolate tins for Senior Service and Dairy Box, a manual typewriter, a trombone, and a stack of vinyl including Emerson Lake and Palmer, Twisted Sister, and The Carpenters – what a weird party that would be. The Rastrillo will be back on 10 & 11 May, I shall have a deeper delve then and try another old restaurant to add to the gorgeous food I had at Tasca La Marea.

Safe in the knowledge that Santa Cruz is still a pleasing mix of ancient and modern I headed back to the bus station and once in my seat remembered another dozen or so things I was going to check out – bring on the next trip.

Ten-Diez Brings Art To The Heart Of The Tenerife Tourist Zone

If you believe the stereotypes and clichés a Playa de Las Americas work of art would be a unusual display of blotchy sunburn, and a sculpture would be a sand castle on the dark beach. Tenerife is always ready to surprise and just a short flip flop stroll away from the sea front the Magma Arts & Congress centre has just opened its doors to the latest exhibition from Ten-Diez an art movement made up of locally based artists and creative ideas. The distinctive concrete building nestles between the water fuelled fun of Siam Park and the main bus station and has provided me with plenty of diverse stimulation since its opening in 2005.

The frontage of the Magma Arte & Congresos is a little foreboding but a very pleasing exhibition in September 2012 made me keen to see the latest offerings. Ceramics, photography, painting, sculpture, and sketching all unfolded in front of me as I entered the side hall feeding off from the main reception. A Cuban waterfront scene (top) caught my eye on the first wall, bright, full of action and with some political undertones it was my pick of works by Chloe y Zoard.

It was early afternoon and I was the only viewer but that has often been the case when I venture into large museums and galleries in Santa Cruz. Each of the 14 artists selections were accompanied by some background notes on their training and inspiration in Spanish and English. All the works are for sale with prices ranging from 800 euros to 3,750, I don’t think my pocket full of loose change would have got me far but the exhibition is free to visit. As I browsed gentle jazz burbled away over the sound system and the rough concrete walls and low ceilings added to the mood.

One of my favourite paintings was La Biblioteca de Los Sueños (library of dreams) in the main part of the hall, an acrylic work of great detail and humour by Carlos Ortega. The hall led off into a small lounge that used to service a bar but that seems to have gone now, however the smaller space had some diverse pieces such as black and white dog portraits by Andy CR and an iron sculpture, El Patron Chico, that held court in the centre of the room. I have to admit my eyes were drawn to A Little Romance, a series of semi nude photos taken by Mimi Mitsou in Tenerife, I gave them an extra close study.

It’s a good exhibition, hopefully it will encourage more local artists to get expressive. If you are near that way pop in and cast your eyes over the display. Ten-Diez is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm and 3pm to 5pm, plus Saturday from 7pm to midnight. They were a little vague on how long it runs for, presumably it depends on sales and response, check out the website


CD Tenerife Dig Deep For An Away Draw

Was it the Grand National course churned up by galloping hooves or a farmers field ploughed and ready for turnips? No, it was a very heavy pitch at Marino Luanco and CD Tenerife showed plenty of character to grind out a 1-1 draw, it certainly was never going to be a repeat of the 4-0 home win (below) earlier in the season.

It’s not always about silky skills, sometimes good old grit and determination are needed and in Carlos Portero Tenerife found the perfect player to inspire them. The midfielder signed in the January transfer window was playing only his third game in his new colours and his call up on the right was due to an injury doubt over Suso. Chechu took charge of the other flank and in between avoiding pot holes and divots had a steady game, his well flighted free kick after 17 minutes needed a high catch from the home goalie.

Carlos set about his task with relish and could have got a penalty after cutting in from the right before getting bowled over in the box – maybe he fell a little theatrically for the referees liking. A Chechu corner from the other side found Alberto’s head but the ball went over the bar. Mid table Luanco had their moments, Inigo Ros made a well timed strong tackle to clear the danger from Moises on the half hour. A few minutes later the home side went ahead, a neat chip took out Bruno and Tarantino and landed spot on for Chus to score.

The second half opened with a major scare as Chus beat Bruno, thankfully his defensive partners scrambled the ball away. As rain began to fall Moyano set Carlos away on the right and he forced his way past his marker to set the ball up for Aridane to claim his 19th goal of the season. Sergio had a butter fingers moment when failing to hold a high shot but Alberto was on hand to mop up. The Tenerife keeper made amends a couple of minutes later when the ball emerged too easily from a scrum of defenders, Sergio turned the resulting shot aside at the far post.

Carlos was creative again when he fed a ball through to Ayoze but the young forward didn’t put the ball far enough past the keepers diving hands. Chus had a free header over Bruno but there was Sergio with another good stop, he followed that up with an equally good save from an unsighted curling free kick. Guillem came on for Carlos as Tenerife looked for a winner in the last ten minutes, Chechu dug out a loose ball and passed up field to the chasing Guillem and Ayoze but it evaded them. After last weeks game criticism focused on the right side of the Tenerife defence, Moyano added fuel to that fire when he lost the ball high up the pitch, Sergio charged out of his area to spare his friends blushes.

In the end the draw was a fine result and with Leganes losing it puts Tenerife six points clear with just six regular games left. Sporting B at home next week wont be a pushover and we will miss the suspended Inigo Ros (above) but it’s a hurdle that these Tenerife thoroughbreds should be able to leap.

Easter Eggs, Birthday Cake, And A Goal Feast For CD Tenerife

What a great way to celebrate his 26th birthday, Aridane banged in his first career hat trick and blew out the opposition to give CD Tenerife a thrilling 5-2 home win over Coruxo. The big forward doesn’t always get the praise he deserves but that’s 18 goals this season and he gets through a lot of work winning the ball, especially in the air, and taking the knocks to create space for his team mates.

The score made the win look easier than it was, stubborn Coruxo came from behind twice to level at 2-2 and it took the introduction of Suso after 62 minutes to break their spirit. It was a well worked team move that gave Tenerife an 8th minute lead, Aridane won the ball and fed Ayoze who passed to Llorente who came steaming in down the left to tuck the ball inside the post. Sergio Aragoneses was alert ten minutes later to deny the visitors with a sharp save that his defence scrambled clear.

Tenerife were slack with their marking to let Coruxo back in just before the half hour, left back Pastoriza broke and with no one trying to stop him he fired past Sergio. His decision to jump the advertising hoarding and clench his fist to the crowd didn’t make him any friends. Tenerife looked for a quick answer but found Fernando on top form in the opposite goal as he made a confident two handed save that sent the sides in level at the break.

There were no changes in the interval, Ayoze merits a starting place now and showed why with a fine pass to set up Aridane who displayed his strikers instinct to score. Llorente tried to repeat his earlier success with another raid but put the ball wide but the team was ticking now and should have pulled away. Atunez got a free kick just outside the home defence but it was like a scene from Cowboy Builders as the home wall failed miserably to stop the shot getting through to make it 2-2. New blood was needed, Suso replaced the ineffective Loro and he instantly caused havoc down the right flank, unlocking the full back he put in a teasing pass that was just short of Ayoze. Tenerife pressure forced a corner and with Suso and Ayoze snapping at heels Yago turned the ball into his own net.

It was time to finish off the visitors, as Tenerife swarmed over them Ayoze hit the bar but Aridane was on hand to tap in a Suso pass to make it 4-2 to settle the nerves. Ayoze was having a great game he’s so unselfish for a player looking for his first senior goal. Aridane knew what he wanted for a present, not socks or a tie, a match ball was top of his list and in injury time Suso danced in from the wing and set the ball up for Aridane to crash home his third goal to round off a memorable match in front of 7,499 fans.