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Rural Tourism Is Well Fed In Ifonche


Less reliance on the big hotel chains, and more rural tourism is a popular call in Tenerife, but maybe some people think it means giving up their creature comforts. That seemed a laughable idea on my latest trek down from Ifonche, just below Vilaflor. Within a few strides along the path from the Titsa bus stop, I had spotted four restaurants, including a new offering, Finca Tres Roques, a short stroll from the track.

Hermano Pedro´s name was proudly linked to one of the eateries, as the Canary Islands only saint grew up in this area. A small chapel and fountain further ahead, underlined the links with the goat herder who took his healing mission to Guatamala in later life. Working fincas (farms) and a constant trickle of walkers weaved towards the three peaks of th volcanic mountains that dominate the region.

The landscape is mainly gentle on the feet but a large barranco just beyond the chapel called for nimble foot work to dip down and then seek decent foot holds on the upward bank of the ravine. A large private dwelling inland from my goat like scrambling showed how some properties have had modern make overs for the best of all worlds. This has always been a favourite walk of mine so I knew that the key was to aim up and past a neglected old house on the lip of the barranco.

As so often on these walks, a great effort was rewarded by the views as I sat on the edge of a threshing circle that panned across the three dominant peaks. A good place for a breather, water, and a feast for the eyes. Then the hardest part of the walk beckoned, skirting down and around a twisting path that opened up rewarding views of Roque del Conde, the peak that looks down on Los Cristianos, Arona, and Adeje.


Nearer to the lower slopes of Conde, the terracing of the fields showed how locals eeked out a living growning crops in this exposed area. At times the path offers choices, the mantra to remember is to progress with Conde to your right and move downwards away from the sea view. The finish point of Arona town began to loom up ahead but a tight, deep barranco called for more agile steps as I descended into the cool floor of the ravine. It was fairly quiet but birds were carrying on their day with little regard for this noisy interlooper. On past trips I have sen goats being herded up narrow paths and barbary partridge chicks getting parental guidance.

The walk took nearly four hours with plenty of rests and the final leg led past a small village and into the town of Arona with a couple of cafes and a bus link back down to Los Cristianos. Even on repeat visits, I always find new pleasures and refresh my thirst for the rural wonders of Tenerife.



Gallego And CD Tenerife Friends Are Scene Stealers

Promotion hot shots Levante UD froze in the Santa Cruz spotlight as all the action came from the hosts. As Gerard Butler filmed his latest  movie just down the road, CD Tenerife shook off their negative tag for their own all action show, and were unlucky not to create a bigger margin than their 1-0 win.

The home defence made telling contributions to the early pressure with right back Mellot and confident loan centre back Kike Salas pushing forward. Belief grew for the white shirts as the red and blues struggled to keep up with the home pace. Gallego dragged a shot wide and Mellot blasted a shot wide of the other post. It was looking surprisingly one sided for Tenerife.

After the break, Alexandre tested the Levante goalie before Gallego grabbed a 53rd minute lead with a powerful header from a Nacho cross, the forwards 11 th strike of the season. Brazilian forward Wesley, a former Aston Villa player, showed a little resistance but Tenerife always looked comfortable.


Both teams made wholesale late changes, Alex Munoz got a mixed reception on his return to the Heliodoro in an away shirt, while Tenerife gave more playing time to fringe players. Mo Dauda shone in a free central strikers role that allowed him to show off his delicate lay offs. Pressure is a big leveller, Levante were cowering below their promotion task, but Tenerife were unshackled with the faint relegation threat evaporated. Just three league games remain, a new coach waits in the wings, young players have been promised more opportunities, and the feel good factor is seeping back in.

Slow Wind Down To CD Tenerife Season

No glorious ride into the sunset. More like a slow plod to mid table mediocrity for CD Tenerife. The visit of CD Leganes ended in a 1-0 win with hands making more impact than feet. Home coach Ramis had confirmed he would not be renewing his contract for the remaining five games and it added to the feeling of nothing to play for.

A Leganes hand ball foiled an early home raid, after the usual lengthy VAR discussion, Gallego stepped up to convert the penalty after 10 minutes. It was the 10th goal for the stocky forward, his previous strikes had already confirmed a contractual further year at the club. Some fans have been critical of Gallego, but there is a lack of team mates vying for his top scorer title, one of many areas that await the attention of the next coach.

Neither side showed much urgency but Karrikaburo came closest to levelling the score. Rearing down on home stopper Soriano, the striker was shepherded to a wide acute position in a superb master class of the goalies art. It was good to see Ramis giving second half run outs to Mo Dauda and briefly to Javi Alonso, both have something to offer the squad. Teto could have made the biggest impact, he clipped the crossbar soon after taking to the pitch.

It was a typical late season game from two teams in no mand land between promotion and relegation and hardly ruffled the feathers of the 11,000 crowd. Names of a new coach and incoming players are pinging around at the moment but just as important is to fight of overtures to the current best players. Waldo and Nacho are two of the more recent signings that have grown into their roles but the front line definately needs some new blood.