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Lucky point for suicidal CD Tenerife

ArruabarrenaIf it aint broke, break it, that seemed to be the thinking behind coach Oltra’s baffling decision to drop Arruabarrena (right) Â to the bench after he linked up so well with Nino last week, when they both hit 2 goals. A 1-1 away draw at Poli Ejido might sound ok but it should and could have been a win.

After seeing CDT labour their way to a 1-0 home win in the cup clash, Poli Ejido probably fancied their chances and fired a piledriver just wide after 16 seconds. That didnt ring any warning bells for CDT and a minute later Culebras made a right royal cock up and lost the ball on his right flank. Juli ran down the wing and cut inside as the Tenerife defenders stood still, and Juli planted the ball past Juan Pablo.

Basically that was all that a poor Ejido side offered all game but with Tenerife looking blunt again up front, they were rarely troubled. Blanco put in a good long shot after 25 minutes and N’Diaye, just outside the box, swung his foot at the ball after 37 minutes and was unlucky to see the shot go wide. The game was crying out for Arruabarrena, the Ejido keeper lost a high ball just before half time and was bailed out by a team mate and looked vulnerable when the second half began.

After 56 minutes the big number 9 was finally restored for Tenerife and at least they had a hope. It looked like being an embarrassing defeat but with barely five minutes left the ball came off a Ejido defender to Arruabarrena just in front of goal and he spared the teams blushes.

All thoughts now turn to next Saturdays home derby with Las Palmas, the Pio’s lost 1-0 at home to Granada 74 tonight and are still La Colista, the bottom team. Anything can happen in a derby game, one thing is for sure, Tenerife need to play a lot better. Â

Flying Saucers, or too many glasses?

Who says that the Tenerife government is not reaching anyone with it’s tourism drive? U.F.O’s have been spotted over La Laguna, it happened on September 9 but has only just been reported in the Canadian magazine, U.F.O Digest.

An American couple, Kalani and Katiuska Hanohano, who live in La Laguna, reported a four hour close encounter that started at 1.40pm on a clear calm day. Kalani says “I saw to the east of me a silver object floating over the freeway that links La Laguna to Santa Cruz, it looked like a blanket of some sort, twisting and folding into itself.”

There was more to come “I observed a very bright oblong shaped light arriving from the south east. It intercepted the “blanket” and continued to head north west towards La Laguna.” At this point, Kalani said he got the video recorder from the house but the article only showed a crude mock up picture with an object above a Tenerife beach.

And the climax “My attention was focused on the clear sky over the mountains, I saw a rectangular portion of the sky, like a rectangular window, and the area inside rippled and was distinct from the area surrounding it.”

I don’t want to be cynical, im no stranger to the Klingons – Dorada and curry does it every time. Apparently the aliens were prepared to stay but a man offered them a scratch card and said “Hello, friendly martians?” It’s a shame that none of the Canarian papers picked up on this at the time, surely someone else must have seen it?

Follow the mellow stick road

A wooden slatted walkway, running the length of the sea front, is just one of the nice touches that makes El Medano one of my favourite parts of Tenerife. A large modern plaza, interesting sculptures and a generally chilled out feel, all add to the attraction.

El Medano

On my latest visit,the winds that normally buffet this exposed corner were missing, bad news for the wind and kite surfers but good news for the small bars and cafes along the sea front. Hotel Medano, with it’s English style pier jutting out into the sea, still stands firm despite coastal authority threats to bull doze it. The law of the coast forbids building onto the beach but the Hotel was built years ago, there would probably be a sit in or some other relaxed protest if the threat was attempted.

And what a swimmers delight, the sand shelves gently into the sea so you can stand even when quite far out, and if you stay at the pier end on windier days, you can leave the surfers to their acrobatics. The main beach, Playa Chica does tend to shrink away as the tide comes in but there are plenty of little coves eaten into the sandstone by the waves.

If your hungry, visit the La Boheme pancake parlour in Paseo El Pilacho and for drinks the Playa Chica bar is the place to enjoy the sea lapping at the tables. Back at the other side of Montaña Roja, by the big sand dunes, the camping facillities are now open, a great addition to the area. Not far off perfection really, if you haven’t been to El Medano lately, go and enjoy.

Raining goals in Santa Cruz

After searching high and low for goals, CD Tenerife have found a new striking partnership. Arruabarrena, standing tall at 1.88 metres and Nino, a mere 1.69m, fitted together well and both scored twice in a 4-2 home win over Eibar.

It was a much better team display but defensive lapses gifted the visitors two goals and a better team would surely have punished CDT. The first 30 minutes was all Tenerife and Eibar goalie Cuellar had to make good saves from Santos and Nino. The opening goal came after 34 minutes as the keeper could only parry a shot into the path of Arruabarrena.

The second half started with three clear chances for Eibar as the Tenerife defence parted alarmingly, thankfully Pablo was in top form in goal. The introduction of Ricardo made the midfield start to tick and the second goal came after Santos was brought down in the box. Txiki was sent off and Nino duly dispatched the penalty.

Pablo made two great saves within a couple of minutes before Altuna scored with a free header to pull Eibar back into the game. Ricardo fed Nino to restore the two goal cushion but another free header for Yague kept the nerves jangling. Ricardo was involved again in the move that led to the clincher, he supplied Santos who was brought down for another penalty, this time Arruabarrena converted to ensure a much needed win. Just under 10,000 in the stadium, not bad as many were watching the Grand Prix climax.

Just two weeks to go until the derby against Las Palmas, the Pio’s drew 0-0 at Cadiz this weekend. The Armada Sur are running two coaches to the game, we still await confirmation of what day and time suits the TV companies.

Andrea will leave you Breathless

 Andrea Corr

We do get some good concerts here in Tenerife, despite the odd admin error and no show. The latest star to grace our island is Andrea Corr, the delicious lead singer from Irish family group, The Corrs. Andrea will be at the Recinto Ferial in Santa Cruz on Saturday November 10 as just one of 9 acts for a mere 10 euros.

This is the second annual Tenerife 40 Pop concert and features mainly Canarian bands such as Nek and Motel, playing to a 13,000 crowd. Tickets are on sale at Corte Ingles or through the website of promotors LM Producciones, or try your local record shop.

Andrea Corr has just launched her first solo LP, called Ten Feet High, and her strong distinctive voice is a wonderful as ever. It could be one of the concerts of the year.

Driven to distraction

 So you like cars eh and fancy yourself as a bit of a Jeremy Clarkson, except not as pompous, well get along to the big motor show in Santa Cruz from October 23 to 28 at the Recinto Ferial, see pic. Recinto Ferial

There is 19,000 square metres of display space featuring 66 exhibitors of cars and accesories. The show is open from 11am to 9pm and is just 5 euros to get in. If you want the full low down, check out the website for the 5th Salon de Automovil de Canarias.

Run Fatboy Run

Santa Cruz runAre you feeling energetic? Wanna do some high speed sight seeing? Then the Santa Cruz Half Marathon is for you.

It takes place on Sunday November 4 with a 9am start from the Recinto Ferial, opposite the hook nosed audotorium. It will cost you 12 euros to take part but you have to sign up by the end of October. Most council sports centres will enrol you but check the website above for more info.

Dorada sees red – no bull

Dorada goldNews of earth shattering proportions has reached me at Kirby Towers. Dorada are to re-style their bottled beers as from this Sunday. The Compania Cervecera Canarias, a subsidary of the SAB Miller group, are spending 350,000 euros on updating the bottles and the promotional back up.

The blue foil and top of the Dorada Sin (alcohol free) will stay the same, the green Dorada Pilsen will now be decorated in red and will simply be called Dorada, and the Dorada Especial will be clothed in black.

For those who don’t partake, the Pilsen is 4. 8 % strength, slightly sweet and smooth, the Especial (yes please) Â is stronger at 5.5% and the morning after, is one of the finest laxatives known to man.

Last year the CCC produced 54 million litres of Dorada, and large quantities of it flowed down the gullets of the Armada Sur. Cheers

A game of two halfs for CDT

There will be no glory this season in the Copa Del Rey for CD Tenerife after going out 2-1 at home to Malaga last night.

The visiting Division 2 leaders had racked up 8 straight wins but brought a weakened team with 5 reserve players. Tenerife shuffled their pack too with Raul Navas taking over in goal and a new front line of Cristo, Arruabarrena and Ayoze. It worked well in the first half with Tenerife creating plenty of chances and showing more ideas up front.

Ayoze set up a good chance after 12 minutes but Cristo couldn’t get on the end of his cross. Ricardo blazed over the goal and Arruabarrena fired the ball into the side netting. Finishing was again proving to be a problem and after 24 minutes Iriome failed to make his shot count but defender Silva stuck out a foot and put the ball in his own net to make it 1-0 to CDT.

Into the second half and Tenerife slipped back into bad ways with shoddy passing and basic errors as Malaga grew in confidence. Navas made 2 great saves from headers 5 minutes in but the Malaga pressure was bound to pay. As the Tenerife defence was drawn off the ball, Eliseu rounded them and hit an equaliser that definately had a hint of offside about it.

From there on it seemed inevitable that Malaga would take the game and with 20 minutes to go Javi Ramos hit the winner from just outside the penalty area. Once again Tenerife had suffered for not killing off a game when on top.

Powerful playmates

Hardly had the ink dried on my article about Orca Ocean and it’s trainers at Loro Parque (scroll down) than an accident during a play session left 27-year-old trainer Claudia stuck at the bottom of the reserve pool with serious injuries.

Male Orca, Tekoa, was enjoying one of the regular play sessions with Claudia (the smiling face of the advertsing billboards) when he crashed into her chest. Later diagnosed with 2 breaks in her forearm and a damaged lung, Claudia, fell to the bottom of the 12 metre pool and had to be rescued by 2 other trainers and taken to hospital for surgery. Thankfully Claudia is recovering well.

On my visit behind the scenes, experienced trainer Steve and new recruit Lia gave me a fascinating insight into the dedication and love shown to these creatures and the two way trust that is built between whale and trainers. Read the story in The Tenerife Sun or go to features on the website. Get well soon Claudia.