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Short On Shots, High On Cards And Changes As CD Tenerife Lose

Mollejo was the only home player to relish the raft of changes made by CD Tenerife coach Ramis. The Atletico Madrid loanee was advanced from his usual midfield slot and got under the skin of the Eibar defence. Even so, he bowed out four minutes before the 0-1 finish after a rash tackle got him sent off.

Striker Elady was dropped to the bench and Gallego was still injured, that meant Sam Shashoua and Mollejo trying to form a goal alliance with some support from left back Pomares and midfielder Ruben Diaz. It was more clunky than creative and it took until the last five minutes of the opening half for Tenerife to show any teeth. Eibar were lucky to scramble a shot off the goal line and grateful that Ruben blasted high and wide.

Alexandre was short of his usual bursts of inspiration and along with Pablo Larrea was subbed at half time for Aitor Sanz and Michel, both more holding players than game changers. Eibar made their own double change and freed up defender Tejero to torment Tenerife with his inventive runs down the left. Home goalie Soriano punched away one of his crosses destined for an attackers head. Elady replaced the ineffective Bermejo on the hour and offered better options including a shot that fell kindly to the keeper after hitting a post. Mellot tried to screw a shot along the line and beyond the visiting stopper but the angle was too tight. Pomares had a clear target but shot into the crowd.

Eibar showed how it should be done as Tenerife pushed up, he lobbed a loose ball long and high into the home net to take a late lead. Coach Ramis reacted by replacing Pomares with fellow defender Alex Muñoz, an odd call for a team witht the game running away from them. A hard task became harder after Molledo was sent off, Michel added a booking in injury time, his 5th of the season, both players will sit out the next game. Bookings are a long term curse for Tenerife teams and very frustrating for the coach. After 11 of 42 games, Tenerife sit in 7th place and need to rewind to their early season form. Another bumper 9,348 crowd kept the vocal support loud and proud, they will be hoping Tenerife can exploit a run of games of lesser rated opposition.




David Steers CD Tenerife To Goliath Win

Power up your magic marker and tick these off. Awkward lowly visitors, a suicidal home sending off, a brilliant in at the deep end degut from a local born youth player, and a CD Tenerife performance full of resilience and character. Newly promoted Amorebieta staged a late rally but found Tenerife in resolute form to seal a 2-1 home win in front of a 12, 572 crowd in Santa Cruz.

Coach Ramis again proved himself with the home line up. Jose Leon relieved Carlos Ruiz in the centre of defence and excelled while the old war horse rested his bruises and stitches. Enric Gallego was also rested after early injury retirements from the last two games. Alex Bermejo got a recall to support Elady and Sam Shashoua at the sharp end. Alexandre and Sam created early pressure but the green shirted visitors had their moments. A hanging cross could have been a problem if goalie Soriano hadnt raced across his goal mouth to claim the ball.

Elady was revelling in the main strikers role , he was shaep to tuck in a half chance after goalie Santamaria failed to prevent the opening goal as he fell awkwardly. The keeper had to be taken off and replaced by understudy Saizar. Tenerife were looking comfy until Mellot ripped the game open with a clumsy retaliation followed by plenty of verbals to earn a double yellow sending off. It meant a frantic seven minutes before the break. The French offenders natural replacement at right back, Shaq Moore was away on USA duty so Ramis gave a home debut to 21 year old David Rodriguez, he had a great game and made some timely tackles.

Nerves were still raw when a poor headed clearance from Sipcic opened the second half. A double change just before the hour saw Michel Herrero and Mollejo come on for Ruben Diaz and Elady. A wild high boot ftom an Amorebieta defender  led to a VAR penalty for Tenerife after 64 minutes. Sam was cooler than a Dorada from the fridge as he stroked the spot kick past the goalie. The breathing space was welcome but Amorebieta kept pressing and from a corner Etxaburi pulled one back for a tense final 20 minutes.

Alex Muñoz for Aitor Sanz and Sergio Gonzalez for Sam Shashoua rightened things up and it was Tenerife who had the best remaining chances. Mollejo streaked away down rhe right but launched his shot just over the bar. The depth of the home squad was yet another plus in a season that is promising so much. Still in 4th place, Tenerife will be looking for local derby bragging rights at Las Palmas next Saturday.

Say High To Los Cristianos

It may be just 115 metres high but Montaña Chayofita opens windows onto Los Cristianos . It´s past, and ever evolving present and future are put into glorious perspective. Accessed from the track opposite Parque Santiago 6 , the collapsed volcanic cone has a clear rising circular path.

The table top Roque del Conde is the 1001 metre inland guardian at the southern end of Tenerife. The Arona outdoor pool, and sports centre  look welcoming from the elevated position as the modern snaking Green Mile Bridge seems like a Scalextric circuit as it vaults the bypass to Playa de Las Americas. Of course the sea is soon calling as the path rises to reveal the ferry port and Playa de Los Cristianos as it stretches away to the foot of Montaña Guaza. The skyline has changed dramitcally as hotels and apartments have marched out from the fishing community.

In times of crisis the ferry port has been a vital artery to the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Palma. Often it¨s summer forest fires that need help but the recent volcnic eruption of Teneguia  on La Palma has required a constant stream of diverse emergency support services. Currently debate centres on the need for an alternative port at Fonsalia, the west coast closest point between Tenerife and La Gomera. Others favour expansion of Los Cristianos.

All is calm below on the 700 metre long Playa Las Vistas. A rock peninsula with fountain is a popular landmark but planning follies are close at hand. A half built mansion has scarred the mountian for decades, and a recent white elephant complete with crane defies logic and coastal protection laws. The long established sandy coloured Los Torres twin towers and the sky blue Mare Nostrum Resort pop up on many a holiday snap.

The mountain path comes full circle before dipping down and giving views of another modern addition, Arona Court, an imposing sight in front of the Golf Las Americas course. Back in the base of the cone, modern gives way to ancient as the black rocks reach out from across the centuries. A service road to the half mansion screams  private property, next to a newer official Arona council sign proclaiming Montaña Chayofita Camino (walk) , one of many contradictions to the areas status. Back in 2013 I watched a horse based challenge on the mountain road involving sortija type jousting to spear overhead metal rings.


Whatever your outlook, Montaña Chayofita is quite an eye opener and is like spinning a rack of old postcards of Los Cristianos.

Standing Tall In Guimar And Candelaria

Green fingers were restored to good health for “the gardener” at Plaza de las Flores in Guimar. As sculptures don´t get frost bite, a previously chipped hand was glad of some wrapping to ensure a return to blooming pride. The fountain was pouring and a good scattering of visitors took time out on the benches. Among the well trimmed greenery, dogs were discouraged from leaving their mark.

It was a step off point for me involving the recently improved Valle de Guimar Titsa bus network. A scenic zig zag ride down to Candelaria racked up plenty of new ideas for walks and visits. The Guimar link 127 route crossed the TF1 motorway and mestled in Plaza de La Villa de Teror, a short stride from the beaches and the Plaza de Basillica to check on some more stone casualties.


Constant powerful waves had eroded the ground from under four of the statues of the Guanche kings at the end of 2020 but now restoration was underway at a cost of 602,338 euros. Six months should see the nobel figures back on firm bases by December 2021. Even with the work going on the sea was throwing in the odd bigger wave, and the building site setting  would have dented anyones pride, but neither the interuption or cheeky seagulls could phase the kings.

The plaza was compensating with a homage to local born artist Dimas Coello. A full range of events were scrolling out through 2021 and samples of his work were spread across the busy plaza. Rejuvination was in the air, a few bars and cafes had opemed outside terraces during the restrictive Covid measures that denied inside gathering. A makeover was also underway at the nearby cultural centre, the year long huge nativity scene was covered but will hopefully return with a new artisitc look.

Back at Plaza de La Villa de Teror there was a new urban transport initiative involving pre ordered taxis on five set routes to open up the remote coastal and high altitude villages for the elderly and those with limited mobility. A similar scheme has already trialled in Fasnia with much success. Looking firther north along the coast, Las Caletillas is about to receive a 2 million euro upgrade of the promenade and beach areas over the course of 14 months. All these projects will go a long way to lift the recently under fire economy – and lure me back for regular check ups.