Say High To Los Cristianos

It may be just 115 metres high but Montaña Chayofita opens windows onto Los Cristianos . It´s past, and ever evolving present and future are put into glorious perspective. Accessed from the track opposite Parque Santiago 6 , the collapsed volcanic cone has a clear rising circular path.

The table top Roque del Conde is the 1001 metre inland guardian at the southern end of Tenerife. The Arona outdoor pool, and sports centre  look welcoming from the elevated position as the modern snaking Green Mile Bridge seems like a Scalextric circuit as it vaults the bypass to Playa de Las Americas. Of course the sea is soon calling as the path rises to reveal the ferry port and Playa de Los Cristianos as it stretches away to the foot of Montaña Guaza. The skyline has changed dramitcally as hotels and apartments have marched out from the fishing community.

In times of crisis the ferry port has been a vital artery to the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Palma. Often it¨s summer forest fires that need help but the recent volcnic eruption of Teneguia  on La Palma has required a constant stream of diverse emergency support services. Currently debate centres on the need for an alternative port at Fonsalia, the west coast closest point between Tenerife and La Gomera. Others favour expansion of Los Cristianos.

All is calm below on the 700 metre long Playa Las Vistas. A rock peninsula with fountain is a popular landmark but planning follies are close at hand. A half built mansion has scarred the mountian for decades, and a recent white elephant complete with crane defies logic and coastal protection laws. The long established sandy coloured Los Torres twin towers and the sky blue Mare Nostrum Resort pop up on many a holiday snap.

The mountain path comes full circle before dipping down and giving views of another modern addition, Arona Court, an imposing sight in front of the Golf Las Americas course. Back in the base of the cone, modern gives way to ancient as the black rocks reach out from across the centuries. A service road to the half mansion screams  private property, next to a newer official Arona council sign proclaiming Montaña Chayofita Camino (walk) , one of many contradictions to the areas status. Back in 2013 I watched a horse based challenge on the mountain road involving sortija type jousting to spear overhead metal rings.


Whatever your outlook, Montaña Chayofita is quite an eye opener and is like spinning a rack of old postcards of Los Cristianos.

Rob P
October 6th, 2021 10:40 am

Hi Colin, always wondered about the half build mansion ….? What’s the story , any insight …?

Likewise the new white elephant on the headland , interesting to know how after a flurry of construction how come it’s all at a standstill

October 7th, 2021 8:51 am

The mansion was before my time but “corruption” always plays a part over here. There are still squatters living in the mansion. The whiye building is far too close to the sea – Costas wont gibe permission for such a thing but it still rose up. The Arona mayor asked the development councillor for the paperwork about a year ago – he couldnt find them and was sacked. Other councillors complained and sacked the mayor from his party – now it has gone full circle with the mayors sacking ruled illegal and he is back in office. The builders were fined a silly small amount and have to resubmit planning permision – it drags on.i had to be a little subyle in my piece.