Standing Tall In Guimar And Candelaria

Green fingers were restored to good health for “the gardener” at Plaza de las Flores in Guimar. As sculptures donĀ“t get frost bite, a previously chipped hand was glad of some wrapping to ensure a return to blooming pride. The fountain was pouring and a good scattering of visitors took time out on the benches. Among the well trimmed greenery, dogs were discouraged from leaving their mark.

It was a step off point for me involving the recently improved Valle de Guimar Titsa bus network. A scenic zig zag ride down to Candelaria racked up plenty of new ideas for walks and visits. The Guimar link 127 route crossed the TF1 motorway and mestled in Plaza de La Villa de Teror, a short stride from the beaches and the Plaza de Basillica to check on some more stone casualties.


Constant powerful waves had eroded the ground from under four of the statues of the Guanche kings at the end of 2020 but now restoration was underway at a cost of 602,338 euros. Six months should see the nobel figures back on firm bases by December 2021. Even with the work going on the sea was throwing in the odd bigger wave, and the building site settingĀ  would have dented anyones pride, but neither the interuption or cheeky seagulls could phase the kings.

The plaza was compensating with a homage to local born artist Dimas Coello. A full range of events were scrolling out through 2021 and samples of his work were spread across the busy plaza. Rejuvination was in the air, a few bars and cafes had opemed outside terraces during the restrictive Covid measures that denied inside gathering. A makeover was also underway at the nearby cultural centre, the year long huge nativity scene was covered but will hopefully return with a new artisitc look.

Back at Plaza de La Villa de Teror there was a new urban transport initiative involving pre ordered taxis on five set routes to open up the remote coastal and high altitude villages for the elderly and those with limited mobility. A similar scheme has already trialled in Fasnia with much success. Looking firther north along the coast, Las Caletillas is about to receive a 2 million euro upgrade of the promenade and beach areas over the course of 14 months. All these projects will go a long way to lift the recently under fire economy – and lure me back for regular check ups.