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Did the earth move for you?

Well did it, at about 6.30pm last night? There was an earthquake just 50km south of our neighbouring island, La Gomera, measuring 4.2 on the richter scale.

Don’t get too concerned, there are 100’s of them in and around the Canary Islands all the time, but usually too small, too deep down or too far out to sea to notice. This quake was felt in San Sebastian, the main port and capital of La Gomera and in some southern and western parts of Tenerife.

It was the biggest since 1989, and that registered as 5.2 on the richter scale. There was virtually no damage, just a few pleasantly surprised wives and girlfriends. Just to put it in context, last months quakes that hit England were 4.8 on the richter scale.Â