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Lucky point for suicidal CD Tenerife

ArruabarrenaIf it aint broke, break it, that seemed to be the thinking behind coach Oltra’s baffling decision to drop Arruabarrena (right) Â to the bench after he linked up so well with Nino last week, when they both hit 2 goals. A 1-1 away draw at Poli Ejido might sound ok but it should and could have been a win.

After seeing CDT labour their way to a 1-0 home win in the cup clash, Poli Ejido probably fancied their chances and fired a piledriver just wide after 16 seconds. That didnt ring any warning bells for CDT and a minute later Culebras made a right royal cock up and lost the ball on his right flank. Juli ran down the wing and cut inside as the Tenerife defenders stood still, and Juli planted the ball past Juan Pablo.

Basically that was all that a poor Ejido side offered all game but with Tenerife looking blunt again up front, they were rarely troubled. Blanco put in a good long shot after 25 minutes and N’Diaye, just outside the box, swung his foot at the ball after 37 minutes and was unlucky to see the shot go wide. The game was crying out for Arruabarrena, the Ejido keeper lost a high ball just before half time and was bailed out by a team mate and looked vulnerable when the second half began.

After 56 minutes the big number 9 was finally restored for Tenerife and at least they had a hope. It looked like being an embarrassing defeat but with barely five minutes left the ball came off a Ejido defender to Arruabarrena just in front of goal and he spared the teams blushes.

All thoughts now turn to next Saturdays home derby with Las Palmas, the Pio’s lost 1-0 at home to Granada 74 tonight and are still La Colista, the bottom team. Anything can happen in a derby game, one thing is for sure, Tenerife need to play a lot better. Â