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Rocking the boat in Los Cristianos

An uneasy calmness has descended on the sea at Los Cristianos, the 2 sides in the great boat tug of war are considering their next move in this long drawn out drama. The scene is the old beach, just beyond the swimming zone, for years there has been a flotilla of small boats moored up, some seemingly abandoned. The port authority declared war on these 80 or so boats about a year ago and issued eviction notices, where they could find owners.

Los Cristianos

As from the start of October, the port has taken action, forcibly moving some of, what they consider to be, the more neglected boats, only 5 so far. In the meantime, the Associacion Barqueros y Playeros de Los Cristianos (the boat owners association) has hit back saying that it is a working port and the boats bobbing up and down are part of the natural scenery and atmosphere. They have also raised a petition of 3,355 names, against the enforced removals, and have sent copies to the port authority head office in Santa Cruz, Arona council, and the governments of the Canary Islands and Spain. We await the next move.

Las Galletas

With moorings on my mind, I thought it was a good time to pay an overdue visit to Las Galletas. It’s interesing to note that their Marina del Sur, see post about its March birth, is now filling its pontoons quickly as well as the hard standing area. Charges for these are probably pretty excessive, so I wonder what their attitude is to the 20 or so loose moored boats that have been out in the bay for many years. I swim there fairly often and recognise the same battered old boats, especially those with a cover on, that have been continually decorated by the friendly seagulls. The locals (business units) on the marina are still empty, including the Policia Local office and the new posh fish gutting station, slowly slowly as ever.

This time Germany wins the Cup Final

Germany wins cupEchoes of the Euro 2008 Cup Final rippled through my mind as Spain and Germany squared up to each other, but this time the sport was beach volleyball and the setting was Siam Park. Germany went into this tournament as one of the favourites and lived up to their billing, Jonas Reckermann was a tower of power serving and Misha Urbatzka mopped up most of the balls that threatened to hit the sand. Blimey, I almost sound like I know what I am on about! Well I have enjoyed the Tenerife Champions Cup, it has taught me a new respect for this sport that I pass by so often at the beach.

Germany won 10,000 euros in prize money, the cup and individiual trophies, plus some rather nice winners shirts, can’t be bad. Great Britain had fallen by the wayside in the group stages but Jody Gooding and Robin Miedzybrodzki are relative newcomers to the sport and hopefully their learning curve will peak in London 2012. Spains first team and Germany made it through from one group and France and Poland from the other, ready for todays semis and final.

Spain and France were first on court, the weekend brought the crowds out and the Champions Girls cheerleaders had a new range of skimpy swim wear to tantalise the chaps. Loud happy clappy music was the order of the day, between play, and the action was top notch. France took a surprise first set lead by 21-17, that spurred Spain to move up a gear and they levelled with a 21-19 second set. All to play for in the deciding set, this time Spain made sure they killed off their opponents 15-11.

Poland and Germany followed, another surprise as Poland went one nil up with a 21-19 set win. The powerful Germans marched back taking the second set 21-11, it seemed they had broken the Polish spirit. No chance, Poland pushed Germany all the way before losing out 15-13.

Spain v Germany

After 2 such cracking semis, the final, televised live on TV Canarias, had the crowd licking their lips but it was over fairly quickly as Germany crushed Pablo Herrera and Raul Messa 21-14 and 21-12. To the winners the spoils, and the glory of course. The tournament grew in stature and crowds as it went on, and cerainly proved the Siam Park amphitheatre to be a welcome new venue for sporting and musical events. You can also find some of my other pics and reports from the event on You what? you want one last peak at the girls? Oh go on then, twist my arm.

Champions Girls



Spotting the best pair in the sand arena

It’s a serious business this beach volleyball, I arrived in good time for the start of the Tenerife Champions Cup at Siam Park, to find the staff watering and raking the sand court, and a player taking a right pummelling in the physio tent in the corner. Moving into the press and hospitality area around the court, it was baking hot but the sight of the Champions Girls cheerleaders barely dressed and bopping sent my temperature through the roof.

Champions Girls

First in action were Pablo Herrera and Raul Messa, Spain’s first team (yellow and red), and Jody Gooding and Robin Miedzybrodzki of Great Britain (blue and red) . At the launch party last night, I got a chance to ask the GB pair (below)about their life as professional players, Jody (left)Â from Worcester and Martin (right)Â from Edinburgh had just flown in from a tournament in Brazil and they fly out to Dubai in the early hours of Monday, hectic by any standards. The pair train out of Bath University under their New Zealand born coach, and it’s tunnel vision for the next 4 years as London 2012 is their aim. Before that it was time to take on Spain again after beating them in Brazil.

Jody & Martin

Watching the game unfold, I started to appreciate some of the finer points like the finger signals behind the back to the team mate and the subtle changes of pace from long shots to short flicks over the net. During breaks in play the pairs rested in their seating areas, honing their concentration, not easy to do with the cheerleaders gyrating just behind them.

Pablo & RaulÂ

So what of the match, Spain took the lead and left GB fighting to stay in touch, before winning the first set 21-15. GB looked to be more even in the next set, but a late burst saw Spain take the set 21-16 and wrap up the match.

GB V Spain

It’s a shame the crowd was so sparse, but hopefully the weekend will see a few more people make the effort to see some great sporting action as the competition reaches its climax.Â


Serving up a beach volleyball peach treat

My technical knowledge of beach volleyball could be written on the back of a stamp, despite being hypnotically drawn to the young women playing down on Los Cristianos beach. Well I’m about to get a master class from the best male pairs players in Europe as the Tenerife Champions Cup unfolds at Siam Park from Friday October 3 to Sunday October 5, and entry is FREE.

Champions Girls

Great Britain start the action off against Spain’s first pairing at noon on Friday. Pablo Herrera and Raul Messa took part in the recent Olympics and are the top players in Spain. Great Britain’s duo is Jody Gooding and Robin Miedzybrodzki, who train at Bath University. The pair are gearing up to play on Horse Guards Parade at London 2012, hope they clear up anything the guards horses may have left behind.

Champions Girls

Today was the press launch at the amphitheatre, capacity 1,500, just above the Wave Palace and imported beach at Siam Park. Giving a taste of the glamour and excitement to come, the 8 strong cheer leading team of Champions Girls, made a big impression with their alluring smiles. They were a little formal and over dressed today, but I believe they will be strutting their stuff in eye catching outfits during the breaks in games, backed by a light and music display. Don’t worry ladies, this is a mens tournament, and im sure they will impress you with their muscular sporting prowess.

The 8 teams are split into 2 groups of 4, with the top 2 from each group going into the semi final stage. First team to 21 points, or a 2 point lead after the 20-20 draw stage, wins a set, and a match is decided over 3 sets. A third deciding set goes to just 15 points, again with the 2 point lead needed after they hit 14-14. Entry is FREE, don’t go to the main entrance of Siam Park, keep going up the side after you come over the motorway, and look for the huge inflatable orange drink can by the door.



·    Noon –  Great Britain v Spain 1 Â

·    1pm – Spain 2 v Germany

·    2 pm – France v Italy

·    3 pm – Poland v Russia

·    4 pm – Spain 2 v France

·    5 pm – Spain 1 v Poland


·    Noon – Germany v Italy

·    1 pm – Spain 1 v Russia

·    2 pm – Poland v Great Britain

·    3 pm - Spain 2 v Italy

·    4 pm – Germany v France

·    5 pm – Russia v Great Britain


·    11.30 am – Ist Semi Final

·    12.30 pm – 2nd Semi Final

·    3 pm – GRAND FINAL