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Who needs Kaka? CD Tenerife have Nino.

Probably the best performance I have seen in 8 seasons of watching CD Tenerife, that was the first half of yesterdays 4-1 home win over Girona, that put CDT in third spot in the Spanish Second Division. It was a sublime display that saw the blanquiazuls soar into a 3-0 half time lead that could have easily been by twice that margin.

CDT v Girona

Nino, Tenerife’s top scorer, was the subject of a 1.4 million euro bid from Barnsley in the week, he dismissed it out of hand and took just 9 minutes of the game to undeline his priceless status to CDT. With his back to goal, Nino pounced on a ball from team mate Richi, turned, and spotting the visiting keeper off his line, fired in a wonderful chip shot that hit the back of the net. There was more to come after just 21 minutes when Cameroon international Kome, again exposed keeper Ponzo’s poor positioning to make it 2-0. A free kick on the 40 minute mark by Hens Juanlu, found Richi, who slid the ball under the keeper for a well desereved third.

 Tenerife were all over Girona and playing some great controlled football, the visitors must have been dreading the second half. During the break, the wind whipped up into a frenzy making conditions difficult and threatening to blow the advertising hoardings onto the pitch. Tenerife relaxed a little and Girona hit back within 10 minutes with a goal from Raul Martin, the striker who couldn’t score in a house of ill repute, during his spell with Tenerife. Aragoneses was in commanding form in the home goal to protect the lead and CDT had more good chances, the best coming from a run by Kome, he resisted the urge to shoot and passed to Oscar Perez, who fired wide.

It was still an impressive score line, and as the 14,239 crowd filled the closing minutes with Mexican waves and deafening chorus’s of their favourite songs, Nino popped up in injury time to add a fourth and seal a memorable evening.

CristoThe next 2 games are away, followed by 2 home matches so that will provide a good test of Tenerife’s true promotion credentials.Cristo Marrero (above) came on for the last 5 minutes of the game, a regular scenario lately as he plays out his last season before retirement, there is a strong lobby to encourage Cristo and the club to sign a years extension to his contract, to add your comments go to . As for 12 goal hero Nino, there would be riots if he was allowed to leave, he is worth a fortune, even Manchester City, over in Tenerife this week, would have to dig deep to buy him.