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Tenerife salt for the UK?

Dear Reader

On behalf of the combined local councils of Britain, I would like to appeal to all Tenerife based ex pats and holiday makers,for your help during the current weather crisis in the UK. You may be aware that all councils are rapidly running out of gritting salt due to the unexpected (it was only forecast a week in advance) snow.

Therefore may I ask that if you are popping out to a Tenerife bar or restaurant for a meal, instead of putting salt on your food, just pop a sachet or salt cellar into your pocket or bag. This salt can then be sent to the local UK council of your choice by post, or handed in at reception. This is for the greater good of your homeland, and will be much appreciated. Many thanksÂ

Yours faithfully

Lord Winter

President of BALLS – British Appeal for Loads and Loads of Salt