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An Arona Policeman’s Lot Is Not A Happy One

It had been simmering for weeks, the Policia Local of Arona have not been happy, stating their grievances as work conditions, equipment and lack of staff. Several demonstrations were arranged but each time the two sides reached enough of an agreement to cancel it. Today there was no more avoiding it and at Noon the Policia Local took to the streets of Los Cristianos, gathering at the cultural centre, just around the corner from their headquarters.

Maybe gathered is a strong word, the turnout was poor, maybe 60 or so, but bearing in mind they have to rely on their work colleagues when in a tight or dangerous spot, you could forgive them for being a little shy. The three cars parked next to each other outside hinted at solidarity between the forces, Policia Local, Policia National, and Guardia Civil motors couldn’t have been parked in closer formation.

For their part, the Policia Local had already got local backing, a meeting with the local neighbours association groups on Thursday had won their backing. Arona councillor Manual Reveron weighed in this morning in the local press describing the police grievances as all lies, he claimed their militancy was more to do with trying to get more money.

The “march” if you can call it that was led by the UGT Union and made its short journey to the church plaza where banners, some in English, were unfurled. Slogans were chanted including “more action, less corruption” but passing Guardia officers leant out of their car windows and swapped smiles and good natured banter. So now we wait and see what the next step is in this runing dispute.