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Back In freezing Oxford

Well here I am back home in Oxford – typical, as soon as i booked my flights there was a snow warning. Thankfully no snow but it is bitter cold, I believe crisp is the polite description. Yesterday was my first full day so I played Tommy the Tourist and took some photos around town, before the rains head in.

I was going to be a good boy but I bumped into a friend who was celebrating his birthday (on April 1st) so had to join in on the crawl. there are a couple of new pubs in town so had to explore them as well. it all ended up a bit hazy. Today I am off to Pangbourne, just down the rail line a stop before Reading, very nice and set by the Thames, shame its not sitting out weather.

Hopefully later I can find a hot cross bun or 2 to enjoy, maybe even a chocolate egg, tomorrow is football, Oxford City at home – what a glory hunter I am. i have looked to see if i can watch Clash Of The Titans (filmed in Tenerife) but not looking good, oh well have to go to the pub instead. More soon, cheers.