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Blue and White is not My Lucky Colour

Now where were we, oh yes I had a trip out to Pangbourne, very nice place and great pubs. The rain kept off for most of the time so me and my friend Dawn were able to explore and take some olde english pics. One of the old pubs straddles the border of Oxfordshire and West Berkshire and apparently old regulars used to swap from one bar to the other to get the extended opening hours.

On to Saturday and a chance to see my beloved Oxford City at Marston. When I paid to go in they told me to hang on to my ticket as it might get rained off and I could get a refund – does that include my flights? Anyway it didn’t look that bad although the pitch had more sand than Los Cristianos beach. The first half was good, City soared into a 2-o lead but half time brought torrential rain and the Hoops didn’t fancy it. Halesowen pulled a goal back and it was inevitable that they would get at least a draw. The referee who looked about 12 years old, added on loads of extra time as I stood getting soaked and of course Halesowen levelled about 10 minutes into the added on time.

Home to my parents, a quick change, food and Doctor Who and I was back out to meet my mate Alan for a few cheeky beers on the Cowley Road. My earlier rekkie had worked out and I found a pub I had never been in before, The Black Horse Hotel,who very obliginly put on Sky Sports for the Tenerife away game at Sevilla. As others got excited about the Haye fight on the big screen I sunk into despair as CDT lost 3-o. Not a great day but with a belly full of ale I retired for the night with the snore factory well and truly open for business. And still it continues…….

Back In freezing Oxford

Well here I am back home in Oxford – typical, as soon as i booked my flights there was a snow warning. Thankfully no snow but it is bitter cold, I believe crisp is the polite description. Yesterday was my first full day so I played Tommy the Tourist and took some photos around town, before the rains head in.

I was going to be a good boy but I bumped into a friend who was celebrating his birthday (on April 1st) so had to join in on the crawl. there are a couple of new pubs in town so had to explore them as well. it all ended up a bit hazy. Today I am off to Pangbourne, just down the rail line a stop before Reading, very nice and set by the Thames, shame its not sitting out weather.

Hopefully later I can find a hot cross bun or 2 to enjoy, maybe even a chocolate egg, tomorrow is football, Oxford City at home – what a glory hunter I am. i have looked to see if i can watch Clash Of The Titans (filmed in Tenerife) but not looking good, oh well have to go to the pub instead. More soon, cheers.