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Calendar Girls And The Advent Of Christmas

It’s a dirty job following beautiful women around but sometimes I get a chance to do it. It was very pleasing this week to get a call from the media agency dealing with the Peroni calendar, to go to the launch in Santa Cruz. I thought they might be planning to tar and feather me after receiving the calendars from the printers only to find my blonde bonce intruding on the six months I saw being filmed in July here in Tenerife as I covered the photo shoot for Tenerife Magazine. Thankfully they were very welcoming, either I had kept a discreet distance or a lot of air brushing had been going on.

The launch was at the Circulo de Belles Artes gallery in Calle Castillo, the main shopping street of Santa Cruz and the lovely tight white clad Peroni girls were there smiling as I arrived. It was quite a small select media audience, I felt quite flattered to be invited, and there was a completed calendar on each of the 16 guest seats and a display of each months artwork around the walls. I recognised Cecilia Carbonero, brand manager of Peroni in the Canaries and the shoot photographer Alfonso Bravo (right) , and I was introduced to Luis Durango, head of corporate communications for Compania Cerveceria Canarias who make the wonderful Dorada and distribute Peroni.

After the speeches I thought it would be rude not to accept a bottle of the fine Italian beer to swig before wandering off into Santa Cruz with a very large calendar tucked under my arm. I had intended to do my usual exploring around the capital city and possibly up to La Laguna but not wanting to bend, fold, wrinkle or otherwise deface my prize I caught the bus back to Los Cristianos and deposited the calendar in the vault at Tenerife Magazine HQ next to the long lost painting of The Scream and a missing Constable – his sergeant is still looking for him.