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Not All Fair Weather For CD Tenerife

This week has been a reality check for CD Tenerife, crashing out of the Copa del Rey 2-0 at lowly Cerceda on Wednesday was followed by a 1-1 home draw with UB Conquense. It’s already clear that CDT have some skillfull players and want to play a good attacking style of play but that may not be enough on its own, poor refereeing and teams with spoiler tactics will lay in wait at the most awkward moments. It’s gonna be quite a scrap to get promoted from Segunda B.

It was an early start for the first noon kick off and the Santa Cruz weather was in a playful mood mixing hot sunshine with clouds and heavy showers. The Tenerife defence has a good solid look to it these days, Tarantino and Medina make a good central pairing, Cristobal is cool on the ball at right back and Meji is an aggressive ball winner on the left. Conquense are not one of the fancied teams in this division and showed little in the early play but they created chances as the first half went on. Kiko was leading the line well for Tenerife but loosing the injured Perona after 25 minutes was a blow, German replaced him but lacks his team mates experience and eye for a half chance.

The visitors had already shown a glimpse of their cynical style in the first half and that got worse in the second half, the poor quality ref did little to discourage their diving and play acting. Kiko made it a good re-start with a chip shot in the area just 4 minutes in to make it 1-0, the 9,539 crowd hoped this would drive the clouds away but Conquense were stubborn and kept coming. Selva pulled them level pouncing on a free header after Sergio could only get a hand to a shot to deflect it off the post. Tenerife looked for a way back, a free kick bounced off the post, German had a decent opening but was squeezed out by two defenders, and Nico, on for Kitoko, was bundled down in the area with no penalty given.

The referee infuriated the crowd by missing several obvious fouls, even in the final minute Kiko was held down by an arm when through on goal. At the other end Conquense had their chances to grab the game but Sergio was on top of his game with some great saves especially from Cristian. A draw was not quite what we were looking for but it keeps Tenerife in top spot, with a tough away game at Albacete next Sunday.

Bands Rock But Arona Doesn’t Roll Out The Welcome Carpet

Six vibrant Tenerife rock bands, a seafront stage in Los Cristianos and a total lack of advance publicity added up to a great night for those present but another missed opportunity to promote a different side of Arona culture. To be fair it wasn’t just the Rock And Roll Una Noche En Verano that was left to its own devices, the whole Virgen del Carmen celebrations were a hit and miss affair.

Back to the music and I arrived just in time to hear the last number from the first band, a young group (didn’t catch their name) that sounded good but a bit lacking in polish. The small stage at the back of the Plaza del Peascadora often hosts music and while the shade of the trees gives it a nice intimate feel, it does help to hide the performers a little from those walking along the promenade or just coming off the beach. Some of the bikers from the afternoons rally were still dishing out paella and the last remains of their beer and the early evening sun attracted a small crowd of the curious of various ages. Los Positivos (above) were not on the original listing but burst onto stage with power and passion and launched into some classics like Route 66 and the Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant. There were quite a few young rockers near the stage with suitable dark t shirts bearing the names of grunge and metal bands. As I mingled on the edge of the plaza I met a young lady chasing a strutting cockerel (I will resist the 1001 obvious cock jokes) the rock chick caught her pet and explained to me that its name was Nirvana.

Los Positivos charged the crowd and the lead singer added a touch of theatre by donning a hot looking demonic mask. It wasn’t the only change as the bass player arrived late and strolled on stage with his cased guitar slung over his shoulder, of course we gave him some good natured stick. The smoke was pumping from the stage and the masked singer was writhing on the ground in between leading impressive covers of Bowie’s Suffragete City and then a repeat of Route 66 and Pretty Vacant before an encore of Wild Thing. In the day the plaza is a popular resting place for some older members of the community and I was stunned to see that a little old lady sat on a bench just away from the stage for the entire evening, maybe she was deaf?

The next group up was Momento Beat, I listened to the first two numbers from them but they were a lot less manic and lost the attention of the small but select audience. With the sun setting slowly I had a wander to see what else was going on, the church was holding a religious ceremony for the Virgen with the doors open onto the plaza where rows of attentive worshippers were paying homage. Heading back the other way around by the fishermans moorings there was more music, this time from a couple of fishing boats that were hosting picnics as they were being decked out for Sundays trip out to sea for the Virgen, neither event had been pushed through the local Canarian media.

Back to the stage and the next performers were up and ready. Mr Day Tripper (above) got some of the momento back with some obscure English language rock from recent years, my learned friend Bob identified songs from Wolfmother, and The Subways, both unknown to me. A lot of the passing listeners had passed by leaving a hard core fuelled by cheap beer from the local supermarket. Some local regulars tried to cash in on the gathering, a few Chinese with the inevitable sky rockets and trinkets and even a clown bending ballons into swords and hats whilst slipping in the odd bit of fancy footwork in time to the music.

Mr Day Tripper were pulling out the stops with red smoke casting them in eerie shadows and they stoked up what fire was left in the “tired” onlookers. As they took their final bow I felt the pull of the pub, I was in two minds about staying for the final two bands especially grunge band No More Carrots but felt I had done my bit. Hopefully more music will pass this way and a concerted publicity effort might even see a crowd more fitting to the talent on show and the effort put in to run the event.