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Getting Physical With Pussy At The Beach

Bending and stretching to the music, and that was just the palm trees being whipped into a frenzy by a strong breeze at the promenade near the old Metropolis disco. Arona Maxima Deporte (wasn’t that a character in Gladiator?) was an open air sports zone with a chance for young people to get involved in excercise.

As I approached I could hear the pounding dance beat and sure enough there was a stage with an incredibly energetic instructor coaxing a good sized crowd to strut their stuff. At the far side of the old car park young eager sports fans tried their hand at basketball and tennis, I’m hopeless at both but maybe the super sized rackets could have made me into a champ.

Over on the coast side stalls were pushing massage, healthy eating, and even wind surfing but my eye was distracted by a pretty young Canarian lady promoting a new sports energy drink called Pussy. She seemed blissfully unaware of sniggering British men clamouring for samples of her ice cold Pussy, and has probably never even heard of Mrs Slocombe.

Back at the stage aerobics, step, and disco all mingled, there was even a congaa line that threatened to spill over onto the beach. Passing tourists stopped to watch and some even joined in with a hint of Dad dancing at a weedding. Still chuckling like Beavis and Butthead on speed I headed off to get my swim at a less choppy bit of beach.