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A Little Light In A Very Long Tunnel For CD Tenerife

A few months ago Sergio Aragoneses (below) could have worn pyjamas and a red nose, sung the Birdie Song, and dribbled the ball into his own net with Garfield slippers – and still be forgiven by the fans. These are troubled times for CD Tenerife and long serving goalie Sergio was booed and showered with abuse from the start of the 1-1 home draw with Lugo after being named as one of the main architects of the dressing room revolt that saw coach Garcia Tebar sacked last week.

Not the best of backgrounds for former B team coach Quique Medina to step up and try to steer a course into the promotion play offs. The hostility of the fans extended to most of the team, seen as mercenaries, although most mercenaries get paid, this lot have been relying on promises since January. At least Sergio responded with a defiant display in goal starting with a first minute fingertip save from a corner. The Tenerife team looked slow and lacking punch up front, Kiko was suspended and Loro supported Perona in attack.

The home defence was uncertain, Llorente had to make a strong headed intervention to clear danger and Sergio pushed away a long range effort from Quero. Manu had a clear route to goal before Pablo blocked him, from the corner Manu headed in but Sergio was there to punch the ball away. Tenerife set off on a breakaway with Feran Tacon bearing down on the Lugo goal, the keepers feet were equal to the weak shot. Marcos managed a weak looping shot, again the Lugo keeper hardly broke sweat. The visitors looked a classy well balanced side and at times seemed to be toying with Tenerife.

The half time whistle brought more derision from the 8,627 crowd and the game pattern continued into the second half with Sergio making a great one handed save. The new coach made his first change and it was aa bold one, giving B team midfielder Sandro (above) a debut replacing Ferran Tacon on the left wing. The 21 year old looked lively and sparked a couple of assaults on the Lugo goal, Kike Lopez put a great ball across the face of the goal and Belforti kindly turned it into his own net for a vital lead. Zazo took to the field in place of the disapointing Loro but Tenerife slipped back into their slow tempo and Lugo stepped up their game.

As Aridane waited to come on for Bravo in the 80th minute, Lugo pushed forward and although Sergio got a hand to the ball De Pita scored at the second atempt to level the game. The last 10 minutes was more about keeping the visitors from taking all three points and CD Tenerife hung on but needed two fine late saves from Sergio to ensure the day wasn’t a complete disaster. As the players left the pitch they managed a token effort at clapping the crowd but got an equally unconvincing response as a Siberian chill interupted the hot sunny afternoon. Thankfully 5th placed Real Oviedo, visitors to Santa Cruz in 2 weeks, lost and with an away game at 6th placed Atletico Madrid B next week, Tenerife are still masters of their own play off fate.