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Peeping Through Doors, Testing The Water, And A Blast From The Buzzcocks

Either my past was catching up with me and I was having a flash back to 1978 or I could hear the thrashing siren guitar opening of The Buzzcocks track Fast Cars. As I was heading down to Los Cristianos church plaza the punk answer seemed unlikely but this is Tenerife and anything can happen. The music got louder and I was just about to stick a safety pin through my nipple when the plaza unfolded in front of me with several large skateboard ramps, a band settting up on stage, an army of grunge like skater boys, and a DJ blasting out The Buzzcocks over a hastily assembled sound system.

It was a protest over the lack of local facilities for skateboard enthusiasts (Skateboarding Is Not A Crime proclaimed the banner) as the youngsters defied gravity on the ramps, the music moved on through Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze, and Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself – great anthems to rebel to and a unexpected treat to finish an enjoyable afternoon. It started in Adeje with another tour, one of my latest surprise followers on Twitter is Tasca El Majao, just off Plaza de Venezuela so I thought I better check the place out. It looks small on the outside but is stylishly laid out inside with a wide ranging menu of tapas and main meals. It was early afternoon and they were empty after just opening so I just had a quiet coffee and a look around but I will return a bit later and a bit less casual to try the food.

There are always things to learn and unexpected extras on my trips, this was to be no exception. Passing the Ayuntamiento (council) building I noticed the old Franciscan Convent door was open (it’s normally locked) the handyman turned out to be a warden and gave me a quick guided tour of this ancient treasure trove. Built in 1679 it closed in 1835 but was lovingly restored by the council in 1991 and is now used as an assembly hall. Relics of old crafts line the walls including beautiful tapestries donated in 1745, the slatted wooden ceiling at one end caught my eye and a balcony high overview made the convent look even more attractive.

My trusty carrier bag was loaded with my swimming gear so a short hop down to Puerto Colon seemed in order, especially as the sun was blistering a trail through the few stray clouds. Before treating myself to a cooling swim I did a wide sweep of the marina including a wander along the harbour wall. It must be the busiest marina on the island, not just due to the range of majestic boats and yachts moored up but also the excursion trips for whale and dolphin watching, fishing, and water skiing. Playa La Pinta was busy, a good beach for families with its gently sloping sea bed and the inflaatable Iceberg area for the kids, my only dislike is the amount of beach sellers trying to push massage, fruit and even excursion bookings. The sea was lovely, just what I needed, swimming out to the mouth of the bay the views along the coast were inspiring and looking back beyond the beach to the hills of Adeje gave it a perfect setting.

Heading back to Los Cristianos was the end of my plans but a call from The General to meet up to see his etchings drew me down to the church square with the skateboards and The Buzzcocks – part of the soundtrack of my youth. Tenerife just keeeps on serving up surprises.