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Fourth Victory Never In Doubt For CD Tenerife

Skill, pace, belief, and teamwork, all qualities that made CD Tenerife a pleasure to watch as they took Caudal Deportivo apart 2-0 to keep them top of Segunda B with four straight wins.

The final score didn’t reflect the dominance of Tenerife with every player adding something positive to the mix. Only some inspired saves from Caudal’s keeper Segura prevented any goals in the first half. Chechu was a constant menace on the right and exposed the visiting defence with two early raids. Caudal had little to offer against a tight home defence with Yeray doing a superb job of the holding role just in front of them, the only slight concern was a weak back pass from Llorente that Sergio dealt with easily.

After 20 minutes Loro turned quickly and fired in a shot that Segura dived to keep out. It was the start of a golden spell for the keeper as he denied Chechu twice, the second with an athletic full length spread. Loro flashed a header wide and Chechu looped a shot over the bar – what a charmed life Caudal were living. We thought we had a pretty decent ref but he rammed our compliments down our throats in the second half, Martin cursed as his promising break was cut short by a clumsy foul that was ignored.

Suso came on for Bruno for a short cameo role as he played the cat among Caudal’s defensive pigeons. Martin had a more productive run and as the visitors defence hesitated his pass found Chechu whose shot trickled teasingly slow over the line for the first goal after 61 minutes. Llorente was unlucky to see his effort from a free kick cleared by the goalies outstretched boot. Suso charged at the Caudal goal and squared the ball to Aridane who couldn’t quite get the killer touch but a few minutes later Suso tried again and this time Aridane converted perfectly for his fifth goal of the season.

The ref was unraveling fast and making some bizarre calls, Suso was on the receiving end with a second red card and he was heading for the dressing room after just 22 minutes of play. Caudal may have ejected CD Marino from the Copa del Rey but Tenerife were a far tougher proposition and even a man short they looked more than good enough to complete the win. The crowd was up nearly a thousand to 7,340 and if Tenerife can keep up this form and the pleasing style of football there will be more good times ahead.



Good Clean Fun In Las Galletas

How very remiss of me, it’s been a few months since I last made the short hop to Las Galletas, one of my favourite ports of call. So with a volunteer clean up of the beaches taking place last week it seemed a perfect time to see how the neighbours are doing.

Change arrives in small measures for this delightful fishing village, well it would be difficult to do anything major without ruining the natural charms of Las Galletas. The main beach looked much the same, it was never dirty, most people’s beef seems to be with the shingle and stones and their aspirations for sand to be added. When I first went to Las Galletas some ten years ago the beach was mainly large stones, this was scraped clear and a fine shingle added but sun bathers began popping over the road to the waste ground and bring back large stones to peg their towels out – you can’t please everyone.

Anyway back to the clean up, around 60 volunteers pitched in and removed 600 kilos of rubbish, 500 kilos of that was from the sea bed. It was clear to me that some of the older weather beaten small fishing boats had been pulled over to a quiet corner and several other bigger and possibly abandoned craft moored in mid water now had for sale signs on.

Earlier in the week I had noticed the long deserted Yellow Submarine re-located to Los Cristianos quay side. This former under water viewing ship has been a dirty and unloved anomaly at the Las Galletas for as long as most people can remember – it looks like it outdates The Beatles. It will be interesting to see if it is salvaged, the layers of caked on silt will take more than a few cans of Mr Muscle.

The Marina del Sur is a more recent cautionary tale of apathy and bad planning, it is well used by pleasure craft and excursion trips but is still only a shadow of what was intended. 8 years ago. The Policia Local and fishermen never did move into their purpose built new premises and the little cafe at the far end of the marina arm that embraces the bay opened and shut in the blink of an eye.

Despite all this it is still a hub of fishing tradition with some lovely cheap shops, bars and restaurants in the back streets and the undeveloped nature of the main beach ensures plenty of room and I always enjoy a swim along the sweep of the bay with the mountains of Arona as an inspiring back drop.