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Doing The Monster Mash In Rainy Santa Cruz

I didn’t need asking twice, a circus of horrors with zombies, vampires and blood splattered mad nurses sounds just my cup of blood. So with my neck washed and a sprig of garlic tucked in my pocket I set off for the Tenerife capital in plenty of time.

It had been a bit cloudy down south but as soon as I got off the bus in Santa Cruz I could see they had just been drenched but that didn’t deter me from popping into the port to see what ships were about. The Costa Atlantica cruise ship was heading out leaving me to focus on La Belle De L’Adriatque (above) this four deck cruiser spends the summer carrying 200 passengers around the coasts of Croatia, Turkey, and Greece.

Round in the marina sailing ships were gathering for the Transatlantic Superyacht & Maxi Regatta to St Lucia at the end of the month, one of the biggest was Shenadoah Of Sark (above) I also spied Regina Maris and Wylde Swan, both registered in Holland and ready to embark on training voyagers for young crews.

With dainty blobs of rain splashing the water I headed back inland to grab a bite and just avoided a deluge by nipping into El Rincon Canario near the Caja Canarias HQ. Bargains abound in these tight times and for 7.50 euros I enjoyed a thick vegetable soup, followed by hake, spuds and salad, and rounded off with a soft creamy desert, all washed down with a can of coke. Time to head in the direction of the big top with a stop off at the TEA library for a little research, all the study desks were packed with students doing home work and I just managed to get a free hours internet on one of the 50 computers. Another regular stop is CC Tres de Mayo near the bus station, they often have mini events on to entice shoppers, this time it was a cup cake workshop, and what lovely cup cakes the assembled ladies had, I hung around hoping for a bite but the circle was closed.

The witching hour was near so I cut through to the big top – black of course – at the Parque Maritimo car park and could already hear demonic screams and howls. Circo de los Horrores updates traditional circus acts with a horror theme and as I entered the reception area I was nearly caught by the ghoulies like the gravedigger, the blood soaked nurse, and a leather faced lumberjack wielding a chainsaw. It was a good show, if you want to see a full review with photos go to Tenerife Magazine. I looked around the bar area in the interval but 3 euros for a can of beer was a little bit too frightening.

Just over two hours later I made a quick getaway fearing they might lock me in one of the cages or try to scrub my scarey make up off – Oi I always look that rough. A quick dash through the rainy side streets and I caught the 11.30 Titsa bus back to Los Cristianos in time for a Dorada at The Merry Monk – now that’s what I call the devils brew.