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Oh The Times They Are A Changing

Blimey I only have to take my eye off the ball for a few minutes and subtle changes take place all around me. With a couple of clouds (yep we do get them in Tenerife) hovering I took an afternoon stroll around Los Cristianos to check out my turf, no I don’t mark it like a cat does.

People have been asking me what the new building work is all about between the main roundabout and the swimming pool and sports centre. Suggesttions have included a new mega supermarket possibly including a unit for Marks and Spencers. Pressing my face against the chain mail fencing I could only see giant concrete blocks but the builders sign post made it all fall into place.

The harbour wall is getting a facelift to strengthen it after years of battering from the sea, and these concrete sugar lumps will replace and augment the vast expanse of them already used as precarious vantage points for keen anglers. It’s daft really but I always imagined the blocks were a side product of some of the bigger building projects around the island.

The next call had to be the harbour wall itself, normally I walk along it most days to see what’s floating and bobbing but I have missed it for a few days – well what could possibly change that quickly. I soon found that some enterprising souls, probably the port authority has installed three gleaming new blue telescopes that bring the horizon into sharp focus for a mere 50 cents. My schoolboy sense of humour kept daring me to smear ink around the eye pieces – well it was always hilarious in The Beano. That’s my lesson for the day – in future I will try to keep em peeled as Shaw Taylor (ask your gran) would say.