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Let’s Get Physical…

…sang Olivia Newton John, and who are we to argue. With that sentiment in mind I put on my Fame leg warmers and popped along to the Arona Maximo Deportes next the Metropolis Centre half way between Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas.

This year the open air fitness and sport extravaganza had retreated back from the sea front to the street behind and was setting up as I arrived a little early for the 11 am start. My promptness was due to a deadline, if I could get photos and a report done quick sticks I could get it in this weeks copy of TheTenerife Weekly. There was a lot of frantic last minute setting up being done but shortly past the appointed hour music blasted forth from the stage and the fuse was lit.

It was a mix of mini courts for basketball and tennis, an inflatable goal and surround football pitch (ideal for today’s breed of constantly falling over superstars) and stalls promoting sailing, motocross, jet skiing, and health drinks and supplements. Those powdered protein meal drinks always remind me of the old Marvel dry milk – what’s wrong with chewing on a side of cow or pig?

My camera has a dirty old man chip and sure enough once the fit and flexible ladies took to the stage to lead the aerobic dancing my camera pulled me towards the mosh pit of eager stretchers and clappers. It made me tired just watching but it did have the desired effect of motivating the crowd and luring more passers by inward to see what was going on.

Lots of young children were having a bash at tennis, basketball, and football, and that can’t be a bad thing. There was a strong commercial element to the event as various gyms and health studios pushed their products but with the council cupboard almost bare these sort of promotions wouldn’t be possible if not for the backing of relevant business’s.

My all too brief stay was an enjoyable one, it was just a pity the event couldn’t be held near the coastal path as last year that drew in lots of passing curious holiday makers and locals. Top marks to the tireless instructors on a very hot day, you can’t beat a bit of bump and grind on a Thursday.