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Beer, Boats, Birthdays, And Dancing

Hoping for a head clearing walk after a heavy weekend there I was surrounded by a sea of dancers in the centre of Los Cristianos, all being far too energetic for my delicate constitution to cope with. Whoops did I just loose the end of April? It seemed to slip away pretty quickly thanks to a mix of my birthday and the company of good friends – or is it just my age. The latest landmark in my ageing process was a fairly quiet and restrained affair but it picked up pace rapidly after that.

Friday was a fun night at El Cordero in Guargacho with a select group of CD Tenerife friends, Neal, Karen and Matt were over from Bournemouth and Burnley Pete was here from surprisingly enough Burnley. The General and Bob and Jess completed the group as we noshed our way through a mountain of food – and a few beers. On the way back we popped into Suters Bar for a few Doradas and were entertained by two old local codgers squaring up to each other in a drunken slow motion preamble to a fight that was never going to happen.

Saturday was sunshine and swimming followed by a Titsa bus up to Tejina in Guia de Isora to eat out at Bar Achamey. The large platter of spicy meat mixed well with the Dorada, no one sat next to us on the return bus later. Tejina is a lovely little village and I was very taken by a garden homage to Tejina a former Princess of the Guanches, the original native inhabitants of Tenerife. Saturday night finished with a few more beers for me at The Merry Monk, I did catch the last few games on The Football League Show but they seemed to be spinning a bit – bedtime I think.

Sundays CD Tenerife trip was its usual Dorada fuelled fun fest of football and friends with a 2-0 win keeping the promotion pot boiling. Besides the game (see previous blog post) the images of Super Mario threatening to streak onto the pitch and a Roger Mellie look alike Elvis impersonator on the coach helped to jolly things along. Back in Los Cristianos after a few farewell beers with the Bournemouth trio before they left with a very early morning flight to face, I grabbed some food down at The Breeze Inn, Las Vistas beach and took a few photos of the visiting cruise ship Albatros.

It was a scorching day and the ship looked wonderful moored up just off the bay with little shuttle boats bringing some of the 600 passengers in to spend their money. Sadly there wasn’t enough time for me to shoot home and pick up my banjo or mouth organ so I could busk a few tunes for the wealthy visitors. The ship had started at Bremerhaven in Germany and called at Portsmouth, Vigo, and Agadir before La Gomera the previous day, the next stops would include Funchal, and Amsterdam before going back to Germany. I couldn’t help wondering how many bars it had on the 10 decks. After working my way home I probably should have called it a day but returned to The Merry Monk later to join a Man City (Paul & Justine) and Millwall (Henry and Cat Woman) combination of Armada Sur to squeeze out a quiz winning effort – another late night ensued.

That brings me to hangover Monday, I just about managed the basics during the day before walking into the dance zone in town. It was the International Day Of Dance and several stages, more than last year, had been set up to showcase different dance styles led by local youth groups. Some more mature ,ladies were being whipped into a salsa frenzy at Plaza del Pescadora, I swear at one point even the statue of the fisher woman was bopping. Some of the wilder dance floor moves were taking place further up the road to the church but the biggest crowd was outside the perfume shop where a large crowd was clapping and leaping around. It was all a bit much for me, after grabbing a few pics I was home and ready for an early night zzzzzzzzzzz. Well I think that’s everything covered – unless you can tell me where I picked up that inflatable zebra and a tattoo of Sue Barker on a very intimate part of my anatomy?