Follow the mellow stick road

A wooden slatted walkway, running the length of the sea front, is just one of the nice touches that makes El Medano one of my favourite parts of Tenerife. A large modern plaza, interesting sculptures and a generally chilled out feel, all add to the attraction.

El Medano

On my latest visit,the winds that normally buffet this exposed corner were missing, bad news for the wind and kite surfers but good news for the small bars and cafes along the sea front. Hotel Medano, with it’s English style pier jutting out into the sea, still stands firm despite coastal authority threats to bull doze it. The law of the coast forbids building onto the beach but the Hotel was built years ago, there would probably be a sit in or some other relaxed protest if the threat was attempted.

And what a swimmers delight, the sand shelves gently into the sea so you can stand even when quite far out, and if you stay at the pier end on windier days, you can leave the surfers to their acrobatics. The main beach, Playa Chica does tend to shrink away as the tide comes in but there are plenty of little coves eaten into the sandstone by the waves.

If your hungry, visit the La Boheme pancake parlour in Paseo El Pilacho and for drinks the Playa Chica bar is the place to enjoy the sea lapping at the tables. Back at the other side of Montaña Roja, by the big sand dunes, the camping facillities are now open, a great addition to the area. Not far off perfection really, if you haven’t been to El Medano lately, go and enjoy.