CD Tenerife, Not Waving, Just Drowning

With beer, without beer, a different place for dinner, I even washed my lucky pants, I’ve tried everything to change fortunes for CD Tenerife but after this 2-0 home defeat to Nastic I have to admit we are crap, useless, gutless, and clueless. Anyway that’s enough flattery it was all that and more, another bumper crowd of 16,462 turned out expecting a win against another bottom three team, they had never won in Santa Cruz before.

There was a pre match set back with Sergio Aragoneses failing to shrug off a leg injury, so Luis Garcia (below)Â took over in goal and hardly had a thing to do in the first half. Gimnastic de Tarragona looked a poor side and were there for the taking but poor finishing scuppered Tenerife. Josmar started again and showed his skills but with him and Nino both being small they were easily smothered by tight defending from the visitors. Nino never gives up trying but needs someone to take the physical strain off him, despite that he had great chance on the break but put his shot over the bar. The two best opportunities fell to Josmar late in the first half but the youngster showed his inexperience by blasting wide when a cooler head was needed.

It just got worse in the second half, sloppy passing, no energy or ideas and even bringing on Natalio for Julio Alvarez failed to provide a spark. Nastic couldn’t believe their luck when CDT let them stroll through after 55 minutes to force a corner, Gerrado floated the ball across and Eloy smacked it in the net. Could it get worse? yes, what little fight was left in the Tenerife team drained away and it was painfull to watch. Nino worked hard and thought he had won a corner winning a lost ball near the line which Nastic forced out, the referee just gave a goal kick. The crowd was getting restless and frustrated now and a 85th minute goal from Moran sealed a 2-0 defeat and unleashed anger and venom directed at the lazy, unmotivated home players.

Difficult to know where to go from here, it’s beyond a change of coach, the players shouldn’t need telling about the basics like effort and marking. All eyes are already on the January transfer window but if sporting director Llorente is still picking the new arrivals we are in big trouble.