Hey Let’s Not Forget The Football

With CD Tenerife’s La Liga adventure ending several weeks ago my blog has been sadly devoid of football – time to put that right. We are of course just over half way through World Cup 2010 and it’s getting interesting with several big nations going out. In 2006 Italy and France met in the final, this time they are meeting at the airport. Some of the unexpected teams are showing well, I just watched Japan play some great football to beat Denmark.

IÂ was going to do a photo special for www.tenerifemagazine.com on different nations and their support in bars around Tenerife but it has not really worked out. To date the turn out for some games has been poor, partly because of the lack of people here in general and partly due to bars baulking at the gamble of bringing in giant screens and signing up for different TV packages. I saw the opening game with a few South Africa fans at Legends in Los Cristianos but apart from that and the obvious Spain and England games it has been slim pickings. One glowing beacon has been the Holland fans, they have been filling several bars around San Telmo in Los Cristianos and really getting into the spirit with orange clothes and make up, good on them. I loved the Holland teams of 1974 and 1978 and even painted my Subbuteo players in the Dutch strip.

FIFA have been pumping out stats all over the place, here are a few from todays batch. The most distance covered by a player – Khedira of Germany with 35.87 kms to date. Fastest player is Hernandez of Mexico at 32.15 kms per hour. Here’s a sobering stat, the most lost balls stands at 35 for Wayne Rooney, lets hope for better things to come.