Everything In The Arona Garden Is Lovely – Eventually

The clock of progress ticks slowly in Tenerife, projects seldom finished on time even before the recession. Parque Central de Arona, between the court building and El Camison where Los Cristianos meets Playa de Las Americas, looked finished for its delayed opening date of 12 February but the fences stayed up. Tantalizing glimpses through the mesh promised a well planned and delightfully executed new green space just a car horns blast away from the busy Avenida Chayofita.

Now the covers are off and the park has been revealed in all its green glory. A small lake by a children’s playground provides a focal point at one end and a circular stone kiosk may provide the reason for the tardy opening. The swings and slide were getting a good testing on the day that I passed through but the benches around the lake were empty as the kiosk is not yet open. It seems that much like the new beach in Callao Salvaje the kiosk will go out to tender to entice someone to add a commercial side to support the up keep of the park.

There is a lot to admire here, the foot path meanders slowly through the serenity of the open grassy areas, however relaxation and education go hand in hand here if you look to the banked verges. Plants and bushes familiar by sight around Tenerife are showcased with photos to clearly identify them and background information in Spanish and English puts them into context with their history and uses.

If you find yourself nearby don’t just peep over the hedge, take a stroll, smell the flowers, and admire the growing saplings. Maybe local workers will start to enjoy their breaks with a fistful of sarnies and a lung full of fresh air, could we even hope that miscreants up before the nearby court will pop in to turn over a new leaf or two. If nothing else it should provide a pleasing distraction when taking a short cut across this busy corner at the heart of the modern tourist zone.