Aliens, apparitions and androids in Tenerife

Anything goes in Tenerife, but you may be very surprised if you read any of the short story collections of Tony Thorne M.B.E. I have known the 82 year old former scientist for a few years, having written a few articles about his speculative tales of sci fi and the bizarre, and have just an enjoyable plough through his 2 latest titles, Tall Tenerife Tales and a preview copy of More Tall Tenerife Tales.

Tony (left in pic with Harry Harrison) has a solid background in science, he got the M.B.E for ground breaking work in low temperature surgery instruments and hi temperature furnaces, but armed with a healthy cynicism, he took up the pen (well computer) again on settling in tenerife a few years ago. Life is now split between Playa del Arena in the winter and Austria, homeland of wife Eva, for the rest of the year.

Tony & Harry

Both recent volumes contain tales routed in, around and even under Tenerife, and if stories of alien visitors, ghosts from the past and strange creatures, seem a stretch too far, just check the news and see what is happening these days in the scientific community. Although Tony has an American publisher, printers and outlets closer to home in Tenerife have proved to be more tricky due to large print runs and up front costs. The books are good fun reading and with the island base, they would make great beach and plane reading for visitors and residents alike, in the meantime Tony has added home printing to his other talents such as creating the cover artwork. If you want to find out more, order copies, or can help to boost his print run, check out his website at .

Some of Tony’s stories have popped up in other compilations in america and beyond and having attended sci fi writers conventions, tony has a wide orbit of literary friends, i was lucky enough to meet and interview Harry Harrison (in pic) on his Tenerife visit in 2007. There is already a 3rd collection of Tall Tenerife Tales well underway, i’m looking forward to adding that to my reviewing list.