Fiction Plane – live and kicking

Not a silly hat in sight, just some great live music at the other Aguaviva concert in Plaza del Conquistador last night. On a scorching evening Lanzarote band Oscartienealas (below) started things off in front of a sparse audience, well Spain were still playing in Euro 2008. People started to gather as the excellent 3 piece band leapt around and belted out some rocking tunes.


After a lengthy gap, Fiction Plane hit the stage and launched into a selection of tracks from their recent “Left Side Of The Brain” LP. In the pre Aguaviva publicity, no one seemed to pick up on the fact that Joe Sumner, son of Sting, is the bands lead singer, armed with that knowledge, I had arranged an interview earlier in the day and met Joe (centre) , American drummer Pete Wilhoit (right) and guitarist Seton Daunt (left).

Fiction Plane

Just flown in from a pre Le Mans show in France, the trio were looking forward to enjoying a few days relaxing in Tenerife, with a bit of surfing and sun. Fiction Plane pride themselves on their live performances, and racked up 200 gigs last year, including supporting The Police on their American tour and The Feeling on their UK tour, after a decent rest, they are off again later this year, this time to North America, supporting Snoop Dog.

I had to ask about the group name, it has been widely pointed out that it is an angaram of Infant Police, but Pete scotched that idea as just another bizarre and unintentional link to The Police, 3 piece band with 2 Brits and an American drummer, a lead singer who plays bass, sings and writes lyrics, are just a few other similarities.

FictionairesFiction Plane have built up a strong following in France, Holland and Belguim and have 2 sets of fanatical followers, The Harem and The Fictionaires, I met Fictionaires Shan (blue) and Jo Jo (pink) who had flown over from the UK especially for the concert. Both looked lovely in their colour co-ordinated outfits but I couldn’t coax Jo Jo to reveal if there was more to her match than the hair and nails.

Back to the concert, and Joe’s voice has striking similarities to the old mans, but although the bands guitar sound does evoke thoughts of The Police, they have a much harder edge and their lyrics are much sharper. As the set went on, the crowd swelled, and what an interesting mix it was, dedicated music fans, passing holiday makers glowing from the beach and a sprinkling of hippies with their dogs, juggling and dancing.

Joe Sumner

As the sun dipped behind La Gomera, the concert drew to a close after an hour and 15 minutes, and there were a lot of converts to Fiction Plane. The finale was a storming rendition of Two Sisters, one of their strongest tracks, and Joe mounted the amps for one last leap, a wild ginger haired mountain of a roadie joined in dancing across the stage and lifting his kilt to reveal the only bum note of the evening. Definately one of the highlights of this years Aguaviva.