Nautical but nice – Marina del Sur

It only seems like the other week that I popped over to Las Galletas to see the progress of the new marina (scroll down 9 stories) but paying a return trip yesterday, I found it open to the public, so do join me for a viewing.

King NeptuneKing Neptune stands proud, trident in hand, high on his plinth, at the Marina del Sur, the new addition to the Las Galletas shoreline. It’s a pride that will soon be shared with the local fishing trade and visiting tourists to this thriving Arona village.

The outstretched embrace of the marina, seperates the sand and pebble beach from the promenade of cafes and bars, and although it still needs some fixtures and formalities before it is in full use, there is plenty to impress. Already the four pontoons are fully moored up with boats and pleasure craft, and the farther of the two large pavillions, has an occupied maritime office looking out to sea.

The old police station on the shore has been demolished but a new Policia Local office is just along the new boardwalk. Don’t worry that all tradition has been swept away, the rusty old iron canon, guarding the shore, has just been shuffled a few yards nearer to the beach.

Marina del Sur

Las Galletas is very much a working village, but modern commercial pressures have Ptscadorsmade it hard in recent years, for fishermen whose families have harvested the sea for generations. It’s time they had a helping hand, and the marina will see to that. The old wooden stalls on the shore are cramped and in disrepair, but have had to do for selling points for their catch of each day. Now there is a bright modern Pescadors Centre on the marina, where the fishermen can wash, gut and sell their fish.

It’s good news as well for tourism, a growing source of income for Las Galletas. The marina is not just functional, it’s stylish and attractive, from it’s blue and white colour scheme, right through to the small touches like old Neptune keeping guard, and anchor designs in the metalwork of the railings.


The first pavillion, at shore side, has commercial units ready for occupation and an open roof terrace that will make a great cafe to view the area from. There are two toilet blocks along the boardwalk, with disabled facillities, and while the lamp standards will make it an inviting evening walk, inset ground lights will clearly mark the edges and stop feet from straying too far. Add in some marble benches at sutable intervals, and large flower urns, and it’s clear that this will be a welcome addition to Las Galletas.