New launch pad for Rocket Man Elton ?

It looks like Elton John is heading for Tenerife after all with a January 24 concert at the Costa Adeje golf course, but of course things never run to plan here. The original announcement had the concert set for the Olympic football stadium in Las Americas and that was confirmed on the Elton John official website. Within hours though the venue was changed to the Costa Adeje golf course due to work being done on the football stadium in January, didn’t they know this at the time of booking?

Anyway lets hope and assume that Elton’s people are aware of the change and have agreed to it. There is a special phoneline to call to pre order, BUT not buy tickets as yet, call 902056492. Prices are 35 euros for the basic seats, 90 euros for better ones and 120 euros for the V.I.P front row. The venue will be selling 25,000 tickets.

It’s all more embarrasment for Santa Cruz council after deputy mayor, Angel Llanos, announced months ago at a press conference with the promotors, that Elton would play the dockside in Santa Cruz on November 17. This was never confirmed by Elton John’s people who eventually had to issue a denial of any such concert. Despite this Angel Llanos has sinced announced his intention to have Elton perform at the Recinto Ferial in Santa Cruz in March. The new move has pulled the rug (sorry Elton, no pun intended) from under his feet.

Let’s hope it is all plain sailing from here as we can’t afford another musical cock up on the island.