Granadilla duo rule the Tenerife waves

Dragging myself out of bed every morning for my 9 am pool swim is sometimes hard going, depending on the night befores Dorada intake. Now I have a new inspiration to put my efforts into perspective. Jose Brito and Miguel Cruz set off from El Medano yesterday, to swim around the coast of Tenerife, covering 250 kms in 10 daily stages. The mammoth swim is to promote sport on behalf of Granadilla de Abona and to draw attention to the councils Costa Limpia, cosatal clean up campaign.

The 2 men are doing this unpaid, and have put in months of training, averaging 15 kms per day. Both have a strong swimming pedigree which should serve them well in the challenging days ahead. Jose Brito swam from San Sebastian, La Gomera to Los Cristianos in 2004, and also that year he swam from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura. Cruz has won gold 3 times at 800 metres freestyle in the Spanish national championships, has been in the World top ten for 1,500 metres.

Epic swim

The dolphin like pair set off from El Medano at 10am yesterday with a 5pm scheduled arrival 25kms later at Los Cristianos. They will be shadowed on their swim by 2 boats taking turns, each with 2 crew. The full schedule is as below.

Fri. 12 El Medano to Los Cristianos, 25 kms, 6.25 hours

Sat.13 Los Cristianos to Punta de Teno, Buenavista, 38 kms, 9.50 hours

Sun.14 Punta de Teno to Garachico, 25Â kms, 6.25 hours

Mon.15 Garachico to Puerto de la Cruz, 24 kms, 6.30 hours

Tues.16 Puerto de la Cruz to El Pris, Tacaronte, 17 kms, 4.50 hours

Weds.17 El Pris to Taganana, 26 kms, 7.25 hours

Thurs.18 Taganana to Las Teresitas, Santa Cruz, 23 kms, 6.30 hours

Fri.19 Las Teresitas to Candelaria, 25 kms, 6.25 hours

Sat.20 Candelaria to Fasnia, 18 kms, 4.10 hours

Sun.21 Fasnia to El Medano, 26 kms, 7.10 hours

I don’t know about you, but i’m knackered just looking at the route. God speed to both of them and please let them have calm seas and helpful currents.