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Armada Sur Turn Up The Heat For Southern Barbecue

Well we are the South Army so it was quite appropriate that the Armada Sur barbecue set up camp at one of our southern watering holes. Suters Bar at Parque de La Reina was a welcoming sight as our coach dropped us all off for an afternoon of fun, food, and of course beer.

It’s been another tough season following CD Tenerife but experiencing it in such good company always makes it bearable and the usual high level of organization ensured out change of venue from the mountains near Vilaflor had all that we needed. The heat wave was at its peak with temperatures well into the 30’s so everyone was primed up. I started my celebrations the night before and was still feeling rather alcoholically challenged, at least my camera steered me in the right direction.

Our hosts Antonio and Gillian had the beer flowing from a barrel set up outside and The General and Frank had fired up the charcoal so the fine array of meat was ready for noshing. It’s good when it all comes together for the annual bash, it makes Bob’s golden goal efforts all worth while. A few people took the indoor shade to keep an eye on the British Grand Prix but mad dogs and Englishmen (and women), German, and Dutch reflected the international membership of the Armada Sur.

There are always traditions to be maintained, a Pio has to be sacrificed to the flames, it seems harder to find one each year, maybe they are a protected species or the Las Palmas fans have them all rounded up somewhere. A suitable victim was found and given a good roasting on the grill, they seem to resist our flames these days but that makes their eventual demise even more pleasing. This is the best time of the football calendar, all hope lies ahead and we always think this could be our season for promotion.

The beer was quaffed noisily with a few suitable club songs thrown in, amazingly no one fell in the fire, although I think I wobbled dangerously close at one stage, and we were all standing for a late group shot before catching the coach back to our various drop off points. I should have staggered straight off home but common sense was missing in action by then. Ooh my poor head on Monday morning, but it was worth it for another rousing afternoon with my football family.