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Street Art? a Capital idea

 Serpents de la Guerre

Not enough southern holiday makers take time out to visit Santa Cruz, Tenerife’s capital, in the north. That is the finding of research done by Santa Cruz council, and from this week you will see a big poster campaign in the south to tempt people, and their wallets, up there.

Vibrant and interesting, there is always something going on in Santa Cruz, the tram has become an exciting part of the city and the Plaza de España renovation is nearly complete. A sea water lake, fibre optic lighting and a tunnel under the plaza past the ancient fortress, are just some of the new features.

Double Epee

Art figures heavily in the capital and until December 15 you can see some new sculptures by Greek artist, Sophia Vari. Most are by the Plaza del Principe, leading from the headquarters of Caja Canarias bank, the sponsors of the exhibition. There are also works by the Auditorium and the Plaza de Patriotismo. You will also find many older sculptures spread around the city and several art galleries.

If that wasn’t enough, all the top fashion shops are in Santa Cruz and there’s history by the bucket full. The 110 or 111 buses will whisk you up there in just over an hour from Las Americas or Los Cristianos or if you drive, the parking under the bus station came out the cheapest in the city in a recent survey, so go and enjoy. OK, where’s my cheque from the tourist board?

The Beach is bright, the beach is Orange

Las Teresitas

Forget the ongoing political row about the financing, and possible corruption surrounding Las Teresitas beach, it’s wonderful. Man made (take a bow man) from imported sand and protected from erosion by a rocky arm that embraces the bay, it’s huge and orange.

The back of the beach is lined with palm trees and refreshment kiosks but behind that and the main road, is just a sheer cliff face, no hotels, shops or any commercialism. The beach starts with a small shanty town of crumbling fishermens houses and an array of boats on the sea, but beyond that there is loads of swimming room. The sand though is amazing, fine and light orange but getting darker as it gets wet at the shoreline and even the sea seems tinted, the colour reminded me of Caramac chocolate bars.

Midweek it was sparsely populated, but it would take a lot to fill it. Maps and bus routes make it look like it is a little way from San Andres but it leads straight on from it, and San Andres has a good selection of bars and restaurants. The 245, 246, 247 and 910 buses will get you there from Santa Cruz or you can drive, there’s a fair bit of parking behind the beach and it takes about 20 minutes. Looking out to sea, you can see the hook nose of the Santa Cruz Auditorium, round the coast, that’s how close you are.

It has to be said, it can get very windy there, but well worth a look to see probably the best beach on the island.