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Fists, feet and a flurry of fighting

Boxing comes in many forms, and Tenerife is becoming quite a ring of fire for the noble arts. Next Saturday November 8th , Siam Park becomes the latest venue to stage a top class card, with traditional, kick and even Thai boxing, at the amphitheatre, above the Costa Adeje water park.


Kick Boxing

Top of the bill is a World title Kick Boxing clash between Frenchman Hassan Baou and Michel “Tiger” Silveira, a Canarian based Brazilian. Just to underline the wide ranging nature of the evenings fare, the other headline clash features women boxers, Leticia Candal, a Brazilian based in Tenerife, and the UK champion Angel McKenzie. If you think boxers are more about brawn that brain, prepare to have your pre conceptions shattered.

Angel McKenzieAngel McKenzie may have the “Eye Of The Tiger” but she has the soul of an artist. The 30 year old was born in Moscow to an affluent, intellectual family and chased her dream to be a rock star, writing and performing in Atas, a band that became known across Russia. Years of studying theatre, performance and anatomy fuelled other creative desires and after moving to the UK in 1997 she started to expand her interests with painting, sculpting and of course music, at her Brixton studio. Sport also inspired her and she got into BMX riding. A spectacular bike accident tore ligaments in both legs and left her unsure if she would walk again. Two years of operations led to weight training and then boxing, a new desire was born, but Angel still makes time to allow her other talents to grow.

Quite a lady, and it should be quite a contest. There is loads more action to enjoy, 3 further boxing matches, 2 kick boxing clashes and even a Thai boxing match up. Thai boxing is a more complete form of fighting, using hands, shins, elbows and knees. The evenings action starts at 9pm and tickets are just 17 euros, phone 922795572 for more details.