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A happy CD Tenerife birthday

I’ve got to that age where I actually want socks and pants for a birthday present, but this year all I desperately wanted was a win for CD Tenerife over the Pios of Las Palmas – and CDT delivered with a 2-0 victory.

The day started in tasty fashion with a visit to the Canarian Food Fair at the Los Cristianos cultural centre, fantastic cakes, cheeses and wines for sale with lots of FREE samples. Just 2 thoughts hogged my mind, it was a Canarian fair rather than just Tenerife, so I had to suppress any desire to start singing anti Las Palmas football songs near the Gran Canarian stalls, and I kept getting this image of Little Britain – I was looking for 2 old ladies tasting the lesbian jam.

Anyway,onto football and many Doradas, the Pios arrived early and smashed up a bar in Santa Cruz and threw a few flares around the main shopping area – why can’t they be angels like our fans? The pre game tifo (banners and tick a tape) was magnificent, even the 1,000 Pio fans seemed subdued after that.

The game looked like being a tense no risks derby, Tenerife looked well below par in the first half and visiting hot shot MarcosMarquez had the better chances. Coach Oltra must have thrown a few coffee cups around the dressing room, because Tenerife emerged after the break, with new urgency. Just 6 minutes into the second half, Juanlu laid on the perfect pass to Richi who duly planted the ball in the Pios net to make it 1-0.

The scenes of celebration were incredible, hope The Sun weren’t watching, they would have put it down as a volcanic eruption. One goal is never enough, especially in a derby game, but Nino made it 2-0 after 79 minutes to show that he is the real Canarian hot shot.

Needless to say, Dorada sales after the game enjoyed a healthy boost, the police were a pain as always, the y moved the 2 Armada Sur coaches on from outside our bar, then we had to wait for all the Pio fans to be marched past with their police escort-a potential flashpoint- before we could finally board and head back south.

What a day, the upshot of it all is CD Tenerife are on top of the Second Division, at least for one night, and Las Palmas are still hovering over the relegation trap door.