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Windy pleasures in El Medano

Even in Tenerife, winter should mean a little drop in temperature, but it just seems to be getting hotter at the moment. The skies were clear and blue as I headed for El Medano, just past the south airport, this morning, and I was greeted by some wonderous sights as kite boarders and wind surfers made the most of this delightfully windy corner of the island.

El Medano is a big favourite of mine, a bit of a hippy chill out feel to it and lots of surf dudes communing with nature. It’s been a while since I ventured down there, so it was an added bonus to find a health fair taking place in the main plaza, facing the sea. They seemed to be doing a steady trade with health drinks, diet and fitness plans and even some sporadic work outs conducted from the stage.

Gently shelving beaches is a bit of a holiday brochure cliche, but it really applies to El Medano, going in from the main beach or one of the coves worn into the sandstone, you can walk out a long way before the fluff in your belly button starts to get damp. Further along towards the imposing figure of Montña Roja, the sky becomes flecked with multi coloured kites harnessing the wind for the board riders who tug on the threads. I arrived at just the right time to see many of the kite boarders and wind surfers setting up for the day, and it was quite a spectacle.It’s almost a ballet of boards and kites as they tack into and away from the wind with great skill and strength. many big chamionships are held in El Medano because of the conditions, and a whole support structure of kit and clothing shops has sprung up.

Wandering back and along the seafront walkway, I caught the regular market in the far plaza, no doubt tough times for them as well these days but it’s another attraction that draws people down to this area. The Hotel El Medano and it’s very English looking pier, are still standing firm, despite constant threats to demolish at least the pier for breaking the coastal protection law. Granadilla council do a good job on looking after El Medano, there are plenty of informative boards along the front about the flora and fauna, and some history of this stretch of coast. Bins the length of the front have been set up to keep differnt types of rubbish seperate and easier for recycling, and the small exercise frames attract a regular stream of curious test pilots.

El Medano is very much at peace with itself, even the low flying planes from Reina Sofia airport fail to detract from the overall feel of serenity. The sporting exploits on the sea  give the resort a claim to fame around Tenerife, let’s hope the breeze continues to lift them to new heights.