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Still Coining It In Months After Spain World Cup Win

Talk about feeling short changed, imagine paying a tenner for something with a 50 euro note and just getting two small coins in return. That could be a common feeling soon as a new 20 euros coin is released by Spain’s Real Casa de la Moneda (the royal mint). These special coins are only produced for a limited time to mark special events, this one commemorates Spain winning the 2010 World Cup.

The coins weigh 18 grams, have a 33mm diameter and can be pre ordered from today from any bank across Spain. The heads side shows King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia but the reverse has a footballer kicking a ball. The release date to the general public is 24 November, from then they will be legal tender but only 2 million have been struck so they won’t be flooding tills in Tenerife.

It all makes me wish I had kept my 1970 Esso world Cup coins, they must be a collectors item by now. if England had won the World Cup we could have had Rooney on one side of the coin holding out his hand for more.