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Second Wave Of Spain’s Peaceful Revolution

Plaza Weyler in Santa Cruz is often the starting point for protest marches but this Sunday 19 June could see one of the biggest yet. Madrid was the birthplace of the 15M protest that started in Puerta del Sol on 15 May with thousands camping peacefully for weeks to protest at the greed and corruption of politicians and bankers that is being felt by the poorest in society.

A couple of weeks ago I was up in Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz and saw our own Acampada in Plaza de Candelaria. It was a big site made up of tents, workshops, kitchens, and even Radio 15M a rebel broadcast station. Ok it was small compared to the Madrid version and the many others that spread across Spain but still significant. The camps have started closing down now, in Madrid they are melting away but leaving a small presence. Last Saturday the police went in to clear Plaza de Candelaria, it’s remarkable they have been so unusually restrained over the weeks, local press reports say 5 people needed hospital treatment, the first alleged violence surrounding this protest.

Posters have been going up the last few days for this Toma La Calle (take the street) protest this Sunday at 6pm. Over on the mainland marches are due to start in major cities also on Sunday to slowly converge on Madrid for 17 July. People are getting angry, they see the leaders, politicians and bankers playing Monopoly with the economy, losing a fortune and then telling the people they serve to tighten their belts a bit more to pay for it.

I’m surprised there has not been more revolution in the UK, everyday the news is full of more jobs being slashed and pensions being cut at the same time as big companies hike prices (19% gas increase) to feed the ever rising packages of their directors. Teachers are now threatening to strike in the UK to protest at their pensions being cut back, I just saw an MP on the news spluttering about how outrageous it is – nothing wrong with fiddling expenses of course.

I’m sure the teachers and many others were as impressed as I was yesterday to see former Marks and Spencer boss Stuart Rose on the news proudly saying he deserved his 8.1 million golden handshake when leaving his job – more like a golden 2 fingers to everyone else. Maybe the recent uprisings in oppressive countries around the world has shown people that they can change. Power to the people as Wolfie Smith used to say.