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Recycling With A Kick For Christmas In Adeje

Here’s one they made earlier, or several in the Adeje Cultural Centre. The Cacharros Exhibition features the work of infant and primary school children from the Adeje municipality, recycling household rubbish to make some wondrously imaginative toy designs.

This was the first call on a sweep around Adeje town to see the festive lights and feel the build up to this years celebrations. It was a strange evening as I left Los Cristianos, a calima was blowing up a dust storm and the wind felt chilly, surely it would be even wilder up in Adeje, but it turned out to be very calm and a few degrees higher inland. The Cultural Centre is just off the lower end of Calle Grande, a bright modern building with plenty of activity and a very nice indoor café bar next to a large display area which was brimming with creative talent.

A high flying Santa was a good introduction, El Trineo de Papa Noel was made by Paula Cruz Gonzalez from CEIP Armenime, very jolly and laden with presents. Another airborne creation was Santa in a balloon, El Globo de Papa Noel came from Julia Aase of CEIP Fañabe. Another reason it grabbed my attention was the use of old beer bottle tops, I also noticed some beer cans twisted into other works, I’ve always thought that beer was educational.

Back at a lower level there was a smashing train that would have put Thomas and Gordon in the shade. The Polar Express was another product of CEIP Fañabe, this time from Michelle Bautista Camacho, Icould almost hear the jingle for a well known fizzy pop company. The last of my selection was a sturdy looking airplane with plenty of detail, a Boeing AGA 15605 to be precise, this one was made by Alejandro Garcia Armeanu of CEIP Adeje Casco. There were plenty more to admire from Pepa Pig to oil can Santas and a tree reflecting another year of financial crisis – good to see them aware of the challenges around them from a young age. Prizes had been awarded at various levels but I thought they were all brilliant and a credit to the schools in Adeje. The exhibition is on until 19 December.

Full of cheer and inspired I headed up Calle Grande admiring the decoration of the town hall before finding a busy Plaza de España. An exhibition of martial arts was taking place on the big stage so I lingered a while, Capoeira students were showing off their skills. This is a non contact cross between martial arts and dance originating from Africa and big in Brazil, I had seen the regular Saturday displays in Los Cristianos but was still impressed by their expert timing. Next up was a Kendo class, quite awe inspiring in their all black outfits and with the loud clashes of the staffs it made for a powerful demonstration. There’s a full programme of events in Adeje town over Christmas, New Year, and Reyes, you can find out more at