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No Justice In CD Marino Defeat

One of the best performances of the season by CD Marino was overshadowed by some questionable calls from the ref as Tenisca sneaked a late 0-1 winner. The La Palma side are on the edge of the leading pack in the division but for long periods of the game Marino outplayed and frustrated them but failing to turn that superiority into goals was to prove costly.

Confidence is a powerful force in football and after two straight victories the home side played with freedom and sprayed the ball around. A new look defence was particularly impressive, Bradley Mills looked at home in the centre alongside Mendy with Connor at right back and recent addition Christofer from Las Zocas on the left. Kevin Castro had an early chance bearing down on the Tenisca goalie who had to kick the ball clear. There was a home penalty shout when Javi was floored after a cross from Josito but the ref didn’t want to know.

Tenisca’s main weapon was a long punt up to the wings rather than playing the ball through the middle, they were well blocked by Connor and Cristofer when trying to take the ball wide and didn’t have any alternative plan. Josito created plenty of openings down the Marino right and with Airam constantly probing it seemed a matter of time until a goal arrived. Cristofer began to push forward from left back and Tenisca were lucky to survive from one of his prompts as the defence and goalie scrambled the ball clear.

When the visitors did find a way through they had the problem of beating keeper Marco Cicovic, he has grown into his gloves and looked solid. Sandro replaced Josito on the half hour and provided more problems for the La Palma team. The half time break was welcomed by Tenisca, Marino had them under pressure with a curling Javi free kick and a Connor cross. Just inside the second half Marino clipped the post with an Airam free kick, he repeated it soon after and a part clearance was fired back in, the goalie managed to grab it low down at the line. With barely 15 minutes left it seemed that a home goal just wouldn’t come, Tenisca must have sensed that they had weathered the storm and became more adventurous.

They tried a few more direct breaks, Chema raced through onto one as the Marino defence closed in, the away forward could have shaped up for a shot but went down a bit too easily and got a penalty that he converted. Suso was back in the blue shirt and off the bench and shared a neat interchange with Kevin Castro but it lacked a final danger pass. Sandro got in a good scoring position but was hauled back with a late call for a foul. Chema nearly made it 0-2 but was stopped by a timely Connor challenge. Marino were desperate to get at least a draw and pushed everyone, including goalie Marco, forward for a series of free kicks. The ball pinged around the penalty area, hit the post, and refused to go in, it was a harsh defeat to take but the overall performance will give Marino plenty of encouragement for the after Christmas campaign.