Bright And Breezy In Las Caletillas

Often overlooked in favour of its more historically famous neighbour, Las Caletillas was the first stop on my long overdue return to Candelaria. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, clear blue skies, 31 degrees on the digital readouts, and a strong refreshing breeze blowing in off the sea. It’s probably close to four years since my last call, I was impresssed then as work had started to install two small sandy beach areas along the rocky coastline, that impression was boosted by what I saw this time.

The whole stretch has bright modern feel with new apartments and a nice variety of bars and restaurants on the seafront road. The promenade encourages strolling, the concrete path and wooden slatted lane conjure up thoughts of El Medano, some council workers were busy swabbing the decking and polishing the metal barriers that guard the short drop to the beach. Protective breakwaters curl out into the sea and embrace the new beaches, showers and more decking make sure swimmers and sun worshippers are spoilt for choice.

The beaches are either side of a small headland giving them different views and contrasting conditions. The near side was much calmer but the far side had a red flag to warn of rampant waves crashing in – although that didn’t seem to deter the sun bathers. Looking up the east coast the TF 1 motorway rises on its way to Santa Cruz and below the thermal power plant is a stark reminder of how close the capital city is.

Las Caletillas wasn’t very busy but where is at the moment, at weekends it must be quite a magnet for the big city dwellers to come down and relax by the sea. It’s gotta be a popular place to live for anyone needing to work in Santa Cruz, just a 20 minute drive, judging by the tidal wave of school kids sweeping down the banks from the motorway later on, there are a lot of young families settled here. From my selfish perspective I just like the layout and the combination of great unspoilt views down the coast along with the new bathing spots.