Flying High Among The Arts In North Tenerife

Give me a Spirograph or some Paint Wheels and eventually I might churn out something vaquely resembling art, but it’s highly unlikely. Best leave it to the experts, with that in mind I hopped on a Titsa 111 bus to Santa Cruz, eager to see the Prado exhibition at the Espacio Cultural Caja Canarias. Under the title El Retrato Español En El Prado they are showing 73 classic portraits featuring Spanish born or based artists like Goya and El Greco. I intended to browse some of the Prado museum on 2 football visits to Madrid last season but the lure of the beer won over and I explored some very artistic bars instead.

The portraits were top notch, they knew how to throw the paint around in those days, and well worth the 5 euro entrance fee, it would have been just 2 euros if I had got my new residencia, or free if I banked with Caja Canarias. You have until 8th January 2011 to have a nose around but can read a full review at . A trip to Santa Cruz often leads me on to La Laguna, any excuse to use the tram, so off I headed with no particular plan in mind. Arriving there I had a tour around the main streets before nipping into one of my favourite art stops. The Instituto Canarias in Calle San Agustin stages some small but free and interesting exhibitions, the latest Horizontes Insulares features works by island based artists. a chequer pattern based display by Gregorio Gonzalez (above) was pretty eye catching but I was hooked by some video art from Cuba’s Sandra Ramos. Slipping on the earphones and watching the large screen I watched 5 quirky and clever videos of 2 to 3 minutes each that tickled the eyes and ears with animated stories with an island theme. a seperate room at the end of the gallery featured video projections of scenery on la Reunion Island. This display runs until 17 November, Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm and 10am to 3pm on Saturday.

After grabbing some food in the Plaza del Adelantado I was soon back on the tram and heading down into Santa Cruz. Plaza Weyler is always a good place to get off and wander down Calle Castillo towards Plaza de España. part way down I spotted an old friend, Icarus, in large metallic sculpture form. Mythology says he built wings from feathers and wax and soared into the sky but getting carried away he flew too high and the sun melted the wax leading to a fatal crash to earth. Sculptor Julio Nieto made Icaro Salvado as part of a touring street exhibition last year and I talked to him about his works, you can read that at Tenerife Magazine. This time Icarus is stationed outside Casa Elder where 70 assorted art works are on display until 22 October, sadly it was closed for my visit but is open Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm. The busy shopping street was spellbound and many shoppers stoppedto pose in the shadow of the metal man. Time for me to go but thank you Santa Cruz and La Laguna, it was a pleasure as always.