Las Galletas – new marina nearly ready

One of the great things about Tenerife is it’s diversity, there are so many rewarding places to visit. Las Galletas is just a few kms, or a short bus ride down the road from Los Cristianos, but could be another world. A small fishing village, unspoilt by commercialism, it’s cheap and cheery, has a small but sheltered beach and lovely shops and places to eat and drink.


A revamp is just taking place with a new marina built around the small quay where many boats park up. The Marina del Sur, the name is now proudly displayed, reaches out and runs parralell to the small beach, at each end is a classy looking blue and white pavillion with locales ready for bars and shops and upstairs, an open seating area with all round views.

The new marina starts on the site of the old police station, that was demolished, but the ancient iron canon that stood on guard has been moved a few yards along nearer the beach. The work on the development hasn’t been allowed to disrupt the local economy, fishermen have still been selling their daily catch each morning from the stalls at the top of the beach.

The promenade on the other side of the marina is looking busy as ever with tables outside bars and restaurants, looking out to the livelier part of the sea, where some surfing takes place. Further along, near Tenbel, the pedestrianised shopping area is still of joy to browse through and offers more good places to eat and drink. If you are getting the impression that I like this village, you are spot on, it’s always a nice place to visit and thankfully, once the inside work is finished on the marina, it should soon go from strength to strength.