Playa Blanca and strange tales

Well it was my final full day here in Lanzarote, and what a pleasure it’s been, today I went to Playa Blanca on the south west coast, quite a long bus trip but fun. The weather wasn’t as clever today, clouds moved in and the wind was lively, your expecting a rude comment there, but i will resist, just this once.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is the main ferry port to cross to Fuerteventura, just 12 minutes on the Fred Olsen ferry, and is one of the main resorts. I started at the port end and worked my way long the sea front, I thought it was a bit run down and a little seedy. The staff at the electrical shops kept trying to lure people in and there were cages out side bars with scrawny looking parrots in, i tried to teach one to swear but it would’nt perform, must be a politically correct polly.

After about 20 minutes the old front changes to the new Marina Rubicon, what a differene. It’s very bright and well planned with a relaxed continental feel, 5 plazas are linked by wooden boardwalks and bridges and it is full of nice restaurants, bars and designer shops. It was the little touches that really impressed me, bold signposts and maps at every turn to guide visitors, cycle areas complete with racks to park up and lots of bright lighting and spotlessly clean.

On the way back I noticed some unusual advertising hoardings in Arrecife, with tips to look after the island. One was about sharing with neighbours, tips like, get together with neighbours once a year to sell unwanted items at a sale, and plant your own produce and share that with your friends. there was even one showing how to make a water dispenser for the wild birds, to hang in your garden – very Blue Peter.

When I got back to the apartment I was a bit spooked to find that the maid had been busy with some wet towels I left out, and had twisted them into the shape of swans, maybe it’s a love ritual or some sort of fertility rite, she had even neatly folded my CDT footie shirt – bless her.

Anyway I must go and say a few farewells, especially to my favourite local bar. La Esquina. The whole worldwide stock market is in a state of collapse, I cant save it all but I can do my bit to keep Spanish beer shares healthy and robust, Cheers